Original Works on Paper

The category ‘works on paper’ encompasses an incredibly diverse range of mediums, from ink and watercolour, to charcoal and collage. Artists have been using paper to sketch preliminary ideas, take quick impressions and use the medium to complete fully finished works.

We are delighted to introduce the ‘Original Works on Paper’ collection in this coming Thursday’s Art Salon, to celebrate a wonderful and diverse collection of paper works. Here are five of my personal favourite works in the auction, all showcasing a different medium:

FRANK HINDER (1906-1992)
Studio Visitor 1940
pencil and wash on paper
34.5 x 25.5cm

1.Pencil and Wash on paper

Frank Hinder was part of Sydney’s modernist set and one of Australia’s earliest abstractionists. Whilst many of his peers were moving into complete abstraction during the period of the 1940s, Hinder remained at the cross roads between both figuration and abstraction. We see this lovely amalgamation of the two styles represented in pencil and wash in ‘Studio Visitor’ from 1940.

RICK AMOR (born 1948)
Abandoned Mill, Kyneton 1988
watercolour and pastel on paper
13 x 18cm (pictured in-situ)

2.Watercolour and Pastel on paper

Deeply rooted in Figuration, Rick Amor is an artist particularly fascinated by the Australian landscape, and urban imagery. His works are characterised by brooding shadows and a dark palette, and whilst not as intense as Peter Booth’s post-apocalyptic landscapes, hold a deep intensity. This small example of the artist’s practice on paper, made in watercolour and pastel, and is a lovely example of the artist’s mastery of this medium.


3.Gouache on paper

Graeme Drendel’s figurative works are meditations on the isolated individual, often within the stark Australian landscape. His subjects are figures of solitude and introspection, even when depicted in groups or clusters (Australian Galleries, 2020).” This work has been executed in gouache, which unlike the medium of watercolour, is matte and can be blended, drying more thickly and with more intensity than the watercolour This is a great work for the new collector interested in adding a slice of Melbourne’s Contemporary Art scene to their collection.


Light Suite from The White Collection
pastel and pencil on paper
28 x 38cm (pictured in-situ)

4.Pastel and Pencil on paper

Marmol is a fascinating artist, arriving in Australia from Spain in the early 60s. He studied in Madrid and travelled through Spain, Portugal, Italy and America before settling in Australia. His works shows influences from the Modern Spanish School of texture painters and he has an incredible talent for mastering colour and shape.


Barry 1984
ink on paper
50 x 63cm

5.Ink on paper

“Charles Blackman is one of the most celebrated Australian figurative artists of the 20th century. An excellent draughtsman as well as a painter, he created imagery – often in series – based on personal, literary and musical themes (Art Gallery of NSW, Sydney)”.

This work, in red and black ink, is a playful and iconic work by the artist and a wonderful addition to any collection.

Ella Perrottet, Art Assistant

October 2020