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Upcoming Auctions, 8-10 November 2021

Design Icons: Modern Design, Prints & Multiples, Luxury

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Upcoming Auction, 21 November 2021, Sydney

The Brans Collection: An Eye for the Exceptional

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The Auction Salon

Unique to the Australian marketplace, The Auction Salon presents over 1,000 items at auction every week; a treasure trove of objet d'art, jewellery, luxury, art and furniture. View Wednesday, bid Thursday.

10:00 am | Every Thursday

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Women Artists

Featuring artworks by female artists both past and present who may not have received the recognition they deserved in their lifetime, or even today.

6:00pm | 19 October 2021

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Modern Design

Featuring mid century furniture, lighting and more by renowned designers from across the globe.

6:00pm | 8 November 2021

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Presenting a collection of chic handbags and accessories from the world’s leading designers.

6:00pm | 9 November 2021

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Prints & Multiples

Acquire original and limited edition prints by Australian and international traditional, modern and contemporary artists.

6:00pm | 10 November 2021

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The Brans Collection: An Eye for the Exceptional

This Sydney auction presents an important collection of art, decorative arts and furniture from the long-running Brans Antiques and Art, Perth.

4:00pm | 21 November 2021

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Fine Jewels & Timepieces

Featuring diamonds, coloured stones and pearls as well as antique, modern and contemporary jewellery and rare timepieces.

6:00pm | 22 November 2021

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Fine Art

Presenting works by significant Australian and international artists, with a selection of Postwar & Contemporary pieces leading the collection.

6:00pm | 23 November 2021

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Virtual Luxury

A covetable online offering of handbags from the world’s most renowned luxury houses, including custom orders and extremely rare designs.

6:00pm | 29 November 2021

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A Private Collection of Movie Posters

A collection of rare and iconic film posters, from cult classics such as “Pulp Fiction” to 50’s comedy staples like “Some Like It Hot”, offered in a timed online auction.

Bidding ends 6:00pm | 1 December 2021

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Important Jewels

Discover exceptional and rare international, designer and signed jewels and timepieces.

6:00pm | 7 December 2021

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The Collector’s Auction

This Sydney auction presents a diverse range of Decorative Arts, artworks, Asian Art, and more, including pieces from notable private collections.

6:00pm | 29 March 2022

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Available for Private Sale

Greg Irvine (born 1947), Palm Tree and Rollercoaster

Metal sculpture in 11 pieces, secured at based, at approximately 2 storeys tall

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Greg Irvine (born 1947), Luna Park, St. Kilda

Hand painted mural, on approximately 36 wood panels

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