Indigenous Art Policy

On 3rd December 2021, Leonard Joel introduced a new policy in relation to the consignment of Australian Indigenous art. As the policy takes full effect, Leonard Joel will no longer sell Australian Indigenous art that does not originate from defined sources.

Indigenous works of art consigned to Leonard Joel should be accompanied by documentation linking the artwork to the artist via their Community Art Centre or their primary representative. Art centres play a vital role in developing and maintaining a safe cultural space as well as upholding the economic wellbeing of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in which they operate.

This clear line of provenance ensures the artwork Leonard Joel offers for sale has been fairly handled in the primary setting and will assist in the long term with sustaining a healthy secondary market. This process also aligns with the policy of all Australian institutions.

For artworks created prior to the establishment of Community Art Centres, direct lineage to the artist and ethical provenance is sought.

For further information on this policy and Leonard Joel’s approach to the consignment and sale of Indigenous Art, please contact the Art Department.