Lauren Boustridge, Senior Jewels & Timepieces Specialist, Sydney

Our Experts

With astute local market knowledge and extensive global experience, Leonard Joel offers the broadest range of specialist expertise in Australia.

Important Jewels
Hamish Sharma

Head of Important Jewels

Christel Reid

Important Jewels Administrator

Art & Sculpture
Wiebke Brix

Head of Art

Hannah Ryan

Art Specialist, Manager of Speciality Auctions

Amanda North

Art Specialist

Millie Lewis

Art Assistant

Charlotte Barrett

Art Administrator & Registrar

Fine Jewels & Timepieces
Rebecca Sheahan

Head of Fine Jewels & Timepieces

Patricia Kontos

Senior Jewels & Timepieces Specialist

Lauren Boustridge

Senior Jewels & Timepieces Specialist

Indigo Keane

Luxury Specialist

Leila Bakhache

Jewellery Salon Manager

Yuan Li

Jewellery Assistant

Echo Liu

Jewellery & Luxury Administrator

Bethany McGougan

Jewellery Consultant and Senior Auctioneer

Henrietta Maiyah

Jewellery Consultant

Decorative Arts, Design, & Interiors
Chiara Curcio

Head of Decorative Arts, Design & Interiors

David Parsons

Head of Private Estates & Valuations, Decorative Arts Specialist

Rebecca Stormont

Modern Design Specialist

Dominic Kavanagh

Objects & Collectables Manager

Kieran Grogan Carpenter

Objects & Collectables Assistant

April Chandler

Furniture Manager

Angus McGougan

Furniture Assistant

Thomas Hindle

Furniture Assistant

Sam Tonga

Furniture Assistant

Shawn Mitchell

Interiors Consultant

Natasha Berlizova

Decorative Arts & Interiors Administrator

Asian Art
Luke Guan

Head of Asian Art

Trevor Fleming

Japanese Works of Art Consultant

Ronan Sulich

Senior Adviser, Sydney

Madeleine Norton

Head of Decorative Arts & Art, Sydney

Ella Nail

Office Manager & Administrator

David Parsons

Head of Private Estates & Valuations, Decorative Arts Specialist

Troy McKenzie

Queensland Representative Specialist

Anthony Hurl

South Australia Representative Specialist

John Brans

Western Australia Representative Specialist