Leonard Joel


Founded more than two decades ago, Leonard Joel’s Jewellery department is the largest and most qualified in Australia, with quarterly auctions viewing in both Melbourne and Sydney.

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We offer three distinct selling platforms; our quarterly Jewels Auctions, Single-Owner Auctions and our Thursday Jewellery & Luxury Auctions.

Over 15,000 items are appraised and marketed every year by our team of certified gemmological and diamond technicians. Their expertise, combined with a highly personalised client service, provides an unrivalled experience for both the buyer and seller of jewellery in the Australian market place.

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Our expertise


National Head of Jewellery

Julie Foster

t 03 8825 5618
e julie.foster@leonardjoel.com.au


Associate Head of Jewellery

John D'Agata

After 10 years with the established Melbourne jewellers Kozminsky as Executive Director, John is now the Associate Head of the largest specialist jewellery auction department in Australia.

As Associate Head of Jewellery at Leonard Joel, John manages and oversees the identification, valuing and dispersal of more than 15,000 jewellery items annually.

Since his appointment in 2007 his passion for jewellery has seen him transform the department into the success that it is today.

In 2013, John was appointed Head of the Sydney Office. Under his leadership, the Jewels & Objets D’Art category was created in 2014. With a focus on single owner collections, these auctions became immediately popular with Sydney collectors and have since provided them with access to the rich selection of items on offer by Leonard Joel.

t 03 8825 5605 m 0408 355 339
e john.dagata@leonardjoel.com.au