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Valuation Services

Leonard Joel offers a broad range of specialist expertise and accurate identification, appraisal and auction of single items and entire collections.


Discover what your pieces may be worth at auction by submitting items for complimentary appraisal online here.

Complimentary verbal valuations are available in our Melbourne and Sydney salerooms, as well as with our Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth representative specialists, by appointment.


In addition, we host a complimentary Valuation Evening in Melbourne (5-7pm), Sydney (4-6pm) and Brisbane (5-7pm local time) on the first Wednesday of every month, with no appointment necessary. Please note, these appraisals are for 15 minutes, with a maximum of three items per person. If you have more than three items for assessment, please contact one of our specialists directly to arrange an appointment.


Leonard Joel conducts regular complimentary appraisal days across capital cities and regional areas of Australia. Please keep an eye on this page for upcoming dates and events.


Leonard Joel provides a comprehensive valuation and auction management service for Private Collections and Estates with one central point of contact for executors, benefactors and fiduciaries. Our Valuations department works alongside Leonard Joel specialists, marketing and operations teams to provide a seamless experience; from probate and family division valuations through to cataloguing, photography, packing, removal and auction of all items.


Leonard Joel provides written valuations and tailored solutions for Market, Insurance, Probate, Family Law / Matrimonial Division, Loss Assessment, Superannuation, Cultural Gifts and Family Division. Our Valuations team works alongside institutions, lawyers, insurance professionals, accountants, government bodies and private individuals to provide in-depth knowledge and advice to clients.

Types of Valuations

Establishing what type of valuation you need and for the purpose required is fundamental to the valuing process. Leonard Joel can assist you with understanding your requirements. The following types of valuations can be performed.

Market value describes the value of an item when selling on an open secondary market. It is based on our professional opinion of what the item may reasonably expect to realise at public auction.

The full cost, including GST, to either replace an item in the condition as sighted with a similar item or the cost to have that item manufactured or remade in the current retail market.

The value of an item which can be realistically achieved on a second hand market. It is used and required for deceased estates so that probate may be granted.

To value an item for the purpose of establishing a fair market price on an open secondary market. This type of valuation is used in estate planning.

The value required by the courts for the purpose of matrimonial settlement. This is a market value allowing for appropriate marketing and without time restraints of what is fair and reasonable in a second hand market if a price needed to be realised.

The value of an item after it has been lost. The item is appraised from either photograph or a previous valuation and is the retail replacement value.

This valuation is for the purpose of giving value of what the item may reasonably expect to realise at auction.

This valuation is for the purpose of gifting an item to an institution.  We are currently able to assist with art work for the Cultural Gifts Program for the Australian Government.

David Parsons

Head of Private Estates & Valuations, Decorative Arts Specialist

Troy McKenzie

Queensland Representative Specialist

Anthony Hurl

South Australia Representative Specialist

John Brans

Western Australia Representative Specialist