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David Bromley Leonard Joel Auctions

David Bromley Leonard Joel AuctionsThere is a sense of elation and relief in the air as we approach the festive season and having endured such a trying year I’m sure many of us are just hanging in there. We couldn’t think of a better auction to fit the occasion than one dedicated to the world of David Bromley.

The Bromley Edit is imbued with the uplifting and adventurous spirit synonymous with the Bromley & Co. brand, and is packed full of their signature interiors, fine art, prints, and bronzes, not to mention some seriously funky bicycles.

David Bromley Leonard Joel Auctions

The Bromley Edit heralds the onset of the festive season providing the perfect opportunity for those looking for gift ideas, or for those simply wanting to reward themselves.

David Bromley Leonard Joel Auctions

A giant David Bromley fiberglass Pirate Boy evokes the spirit of summer holiday adventure, while a stack of vintage suitcases beckons an impromptu holiday. Glass domes are ready to display your beachcombing treasures, and a giant outdoor chess set will liven up Christmas with your in-laws.

For the more serious collectors of contemporary fine art there are original works by Charles Blackman, Jeff Raglus, Robert Owen, Matthew Johnson, Pasquale Giardino, and of course a variety of signed Bromley works.


The Bromley Edit is the first of Leonard Joel’s Auction Salon on Tour series. On view Wednesday 8 December 2021 at Bromley & Co., 93-95 Chapel St, Windsor, 10am to 7pm. Auction 9 December.

Dominic Kavanagh, Decorative Arts Specialist


David Bromley Leonard Joel Auctions

December 2021