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With multiple expert Asian art consultants in the areas of porcelain, textiles, metalwork, furniture and fine art, Leonard Joel is ideally placed to advise vendors and collectors on buying and selling in the burgeoning market for Asian art and antiques.

We are now consigning for our inaugural dedicated Asian Art auction in October. Click here to submit items for online valuation or contact us to book an appointment in Sydney or Melbourne.

Our Asian Art & Antiques department offers high quality scholarship and established relationships with collectors and institutions around Australia, combined with a marketing suite designed to ensure maximum engagement with key international audiences.

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Asian Art Specialist

Carl Wantrup

Carl’s interest in Asian art was initially ignited by growing up amongst his grandfather’s collection of antiques, which contained a small group of Chinese Buddhist bronzes.

In his teenage years, this passion continued with an interest in zen Buddhist influenced ink painting of China and Japan, influencing his own abstract painting up to his mid 20s.

Carl’s first employment was with a notable Australian oriental carpet and textile dealer, John Leach. This broadened Carl’s interest further out of China and Japan into the Indian subcontinent, Central Asia and the Middle East, and also helped hone his understanding of how to present Asian art.

Since these earlier times, Carl has either collected or dealt in oriental textiles, Chinese furniture, ceramics, and scholar art, Indian religious art, and some Himalayan art. He is now a specialist dealer in Japanese ceramics.

Carl continues his personal education in asian art by making frequent trips to Hong Kong during Asia week, and to Japan.

t 03 8825 5635
e asianart@leonardjoel.com.au


Specialist, Japanese Art

Trevor Fleming

When Trevor was twelve, he had the choice of studying Japanese or French at high school. Little did he know that the decision would take him on a wonderful journey of discovery that is Japan.

After majoring in Japanese and History for his BA in Asian studies, Trevor joined Lesley Kehoe, Australia’s foremost dealer in Japanese antiques and art. His ten- year tenure took him to Japan, London, Dubai, New York, and San Francisco & Dubai as he worked with private collectors, museums and contemporary artists to develop exhibitions and catalogues in highly rarefied fields.

With deep experience in Japanese netsuke, ceramics, screens, lacquer ware and woodblock prints, Trevor works on all Leonard Joel major Japanese sales, offering a breadth of knowledge on current market conditions and trends.

t 03 8825 5635
e asianart@leonardjoel.com.au