Wayne’s World – Living Like the New Joneses

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119Meet Wayne. From Feb 9-13, this everyday hero and unlikely-eco warrior, will live like ‘The New Joneses’ in public view at City Square in Australia’s first carbon positive home, when the multi-awarded ‘The New Joneses’ project pops-up again. With lifestyle coaching from Denise Drysdale, (who recently downsized to pursue the simple life) Wayne, (a carnivorous member of a thrasher band) will undertake a series of lifestyle challenges.

Arriving in his undies, Wayne will source his clothes, furniture (much of which coming from Leonard Joel’s stunning, stylish, weekly auctions) home-wares, even bedding – second hand.

He will cut his energy use, test collaborative consumption, eliminate food waste, buy direct from Aussie producers, drive an electric vehicles, live chemical free, compost, tend his worm farm, all to maximize resources and minimizing waste.

The New Joneses is open to the public Feb 10th-15th 10am-4pm, FREE to visit and features positive lifestyle talks. For details 
Wayne’s, architecturally designed ArchiBlox pre-fab modular is Australia’s first carbon positive home.

The New Joneses top tips towards stylish, sustainable living:
1/  Switch to Powershop, Australia’s greenest and consistently cheapest energy company.
2/ Set ‘second hand’ as your default. Get great stuff at Gumtree and of course, Leonard Joel! Extend the life of existing stuff, and maximize the resources embedded in that stuff.
3/ Go electric. The New Joneses drive a LEAF. No petrol. As our energy options go greener, the benefits of electric will increase.
4/ where you bank is one of the most positive sustainable choices you can make. Bankmecu focuses on social and environmental issues (not just growth) as key measures of success.
5/Buy local, seasonal food straight for Aussie producers. Online farmers market, connects you with small, independent, local producers.
6/Eliminate food waste. Eat leftovers, feed them to chickens, worms, compost, but keep it out of the bin. Food to landfill doesn’t breakdown, but produces toxic gases worse than the carbon emissions from cars.

Created to promote conscious lifestyles, The New Joneses are brought to life by:Powershop, Gumtree, Archiblox ,  Bankmecu, Nissan LEAF, Earth Choice, Organic Care,Farmhouse Direct, Airbnb, Sustainability Victoria, Fry’s Family Foods, GoodSpender, GoDigi, Bosch, ClosedLoop, Positive Charge, Leonard Joel, By Joost, Sacred Heart Mission, Blanco, Cool Australia, Westin,  Metropolitan Waste and Resource Recovery Group and The Garry White Foundation.