The Interior Worlds of Yuge & David Bromley

Leonard Joel is pleased to offer 2 auctions in July of the Interior Worlds of Yuge & David Bromley. The first will be held in the magical space in Prahran at 280 Chapel Street on Sunday 24 July and the second will be held in Daylesford on Sunday 31 July.

Please read below the inspired vision and collaborative nature behind theDaylesford Ise two collections:

A shared love, or obsession, for collecting has led Yuge and I down divergent paths. We share a passion that has seen us on countless journeys near, far and wide. We have gathered mementos and pieces that hold special stories for us, each reflecting our travels to different places.

I remember the first time I bought a piece of furniture with a story behind it. It was a wedding cake carrier purchased from a bakery that resembled a large metronome. It seemed like a piece that was not merely utilitarian, and the story behind it sent me on a continued journey.

Yuge, since early childhood, has also carried the obsession for collecting. Be it in her multitudes of old stamps, or reams of fabric in countless textures, colours and weaves. Much like me, she has adored and carried these collections for many years in different spaces.

We have learned through our habit of collecting that each piece goes through its own lifespan. Certain pieces stay with us for a short time, others for many years, and the few key pieces that we could never part with. We have at times tried to curb our collecting habit but we no longer want to as we get too much enjoyment out of the “hunt”.

These two collections, in Daylesford and Prahran, carry personal significance and form a shared journey for us both. Together we will continue to collaborate and decide on purchases with a combined influence, while remaining to reflect our disparate tastes.

When placed together our collections form a major part in the architecture of our lives: the way we live, make art, create and find treasures for other people’s journeys. We rarely see things as “antique”, “mid-century” or “vintage”, but choose things because they resonate with us on a personalised aesthetic level.

Our intention is to bring magic into the everyday. What rules our world is our mutual obsession for collecting, decorating and injecting engaging narratives into a spatial context. We invite you to enjoy the collections and experience this world of ours.

David Bromley


The Interior Worlds of Yuge & David Bromley | Collection II
Auction date and time | 12:00 AEST, Sunday 31 Jul 2016
Auction location | 39 East Street, Daylesford VIC
Auction & Viewing on site in Daylesford

Friday 29 July 10am-5pm
Saturday 30 July 10am-5pm

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