The Australian Art Investment Trust Auction

Under instructions from the deed adminstrators of the trustee of the Australian Art Investment Trust. On Sunday August 26th an extraordinary collection of oil paintings and editions from many of Australia’s foremost artists will be offered for public auction at Leonard Joel.



The works of art form the core collection of The Australian Art Investment Trust (AAIT) that is now under instructions from the deed administrators Taylor Woodings. The AAIT invested in works of art and leased these works throughout the country to various commercial and corporate operations.

The collection was curated to ensure that works complimented and enhanced working and recreational environments and as such this auction provides a rare and abundant opportunity for collectors, decorators and interior designers looking for suites of works and impressive single works for collection and corporate display. Literally hundreds of works will be offered at fair market prices and shortly a full colour catalogue will be available for purchase.For Enquiries,  please contact

Nicole Salvo, Art Specialist

Tel: 03 8825 5624

Email: Nicole Salvo