Winter Collecting

While I do know that the purpose of any introduction is to give the reader an idea of what an essay will cover, I will confess that I usually struggle with the balancing act that is giving our Leonard introductions some meaningful content, while not making them so light that they lack substance. I’ve excelled and failed with this balancing act over our now almost 100 issues. And so again, our fabulous editor, Blanka Nemeth, reminds me not to overthink things and provide an overview of future auctions, the contents of which have not always fully crystallised. Another challenge I face!

Leonard Joel Auctions
ABOVE: Platinum and Diamond Ring
$8,000 – 12,000

With that off my chest I’ll also look a little backwards and hope that you found Anna Grassham’s inaugural Contemporary Collections an interesting new addition to the Leonard Joel calendar, and Luxury’s now third online-only affair a valuable complement to your international luxury collecting. Just as Anna’s auction extends the collecting discourse about what constitutes post-war design, so too does Luxury bring exclusive international offerings to your doorstep. Looking ahead, we have our Collector’s Auction in Sydney, presenting antiques, furniture, and fine art. It’s a thoughtful curation that often becomes a condensed journey through so many periods, materials, and origins that each of these auctions have almost taken on the complexion of an abbreviated Grand Tour in the fine arts!

Returning to our Melbourne rooms, we present our winter offering of both Fine Art and Jewels, a round of auctions that are increasingly synonymous with smaller offerings and a stronger focus on special single pieces and collections from private clients, sourced across both our salerooms and our representative offices in Brisbane, Adelaide, and now Perth. Winter concludes with our beloved Design Icons Auctions that showcase over three days the largest offering of collectable editions, design, and luxury in the country. It is a round of auctions that speaks to all sorts of new and seasoned collectors with less typical collecting bents. You will find these auctions online, but if you need to view anything in-room, visit us over the weekend at University Place, and enjoy a barista coffee made fresh for you while you browse.

Chairman / Head of Important Collections

Banner Image: Ron Arad MT3 Rocking Chair for Driade. $1,400 – 1,800 /  Egg Lamp for Studio Italia. $400 – 600

May 2022