Welcoming Lauren Boustridge

We warmly welcome Lauren Boustridge, our new Senior Jewels Specialist, to our Sydney team. She joins us from Chaumet Australia and Webb’s Auctions New Zealand, and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Leonard Joel. Read on to get to know Lauren… 

Important Jewels. Leonard Joel Auctions
Lauren Boustridge, Senior Jewels Specialist and Administrator

How did your passion for jewels begin?
Since a young age I have been surrounded and fascinated by the jewellery and art worlds. My father, Ian Boustridge, is a world-renowned jade artist and sculptor, and through his support, knowledge, and passion, I developed a deep interest and love for the jewellery industry. When I was very young, my father travelled all around the world visiting clients and generating new business. On one of these trips, he was fortunate to meet Daniela Mascetti, Chairwoman of Sotheby’s Europe and author of BULGARI (1995). Having just completed the book, she gifted him a copy with a personalised message. I adored that book, endlessly flipping through the pages, looking at the beautiful bold colours immortalised by the House of Bulgari and of the La Dolce Vita period in history. On completion of my degree and subsequent gemmological studies in London, as a graduation present, Dad gifted me this cherished book with his own message right next to Daniela’s, which will forever be one of my most treasured possessions.

Important Jewels. Leonard Joel Auction
Pink Tourmaline and Diamond Bombé Ring
Sold for $35,000

Describe your own personal jewellery style.
As the oldest granddaughter on both sides of my family, I have been very fortunate in receiving a beautiful array of jewellery worn and adored by generations of Boustridge & Clarke women. This connection to the past; its stories told, places seen, and exchanged words of affection that the jewels bear witness to, leaves me romanticised by anything bygone. The delicate lace work of the Edwardian period, the striking geometry of the Art Deco period, the bold and bright colours of the ‘70s and ‘80s… you name it, I cherish it. Due to my adoration of each of these periods, my jewellery collection is varied. I am often found playfully styling mixed metals, eras, and colours harmoniously. I also find great pleasure in styling pieces in untraditional places – a brooch on piece of fabric tied around my hair, or a necklace wound around my wrist as a bracelet. 

Important Jewels. Leonard Joel Auction
Diamond and Argyle Fancy Pink Diamond Ring. Sold for $106,250

Do you have a favourite designer? 
I am very much inspired by the work of Jessica McCormack. Her playful modernisation of iconic jewellery styles from the Georgian and Victorian periods (the link to the past is what I love most about jewellery) is very innovative. The jewellery she designs does not follow the traditional styles that are found in almost every jewellery store today. A beautiful juxtaposition with the feeling of magic, drama, and pure opulence allows the wearer to dream, an aspect of jewellery design that I believe has been largely lost to the past. Also, her jewellery boxes are incredible works of art; a tribute to creativity, individuality, and the reimagination of the past.

Lauren Boustridge / Senior Jewels Specialist

Banner Image: Green Tourmaline and Diamond Ring. Sold for $18,750

May 2022