Used is the New New!

Luxury. Leonard Joel Auctions
Luxury. Leonard Joel Auctions
John D’Agata’s Hermès Sellier Change Tray

My gift to me this Christmas was a Hermès Sellier change tray. I have longed for one for years and since none were forthcoming, even after a few significant birthdays, I decided to take the plunge and treat myself to this special purchase. 

Like a lot of luxury goods today, this item was unfortunately not available through a Hermès store, so I went online and secured the purchase through another online platform. Although I missed out on the always wonderful Hermès store experience, the parcel arrived in a flash – four days, all the way from Los Angeles.

Luxury. Leonard Joel Auctions
An Enamel Bangle
by Hermès
Sold for $620

How impressed was I when I opened the parcel?  The first greeting was in the form of a large black card with the words ‘Thank You’ printed in white on a black background. The inner box was wrapped in quality white paper secured by a pink sticker with the caption ‘Used is the New New!’. This got me thinking about the sustainability of pre-owned luxury goods and the importance of this market. Then a question: ‘Does a Birkin ever end up in landfill?’

Luxury. Leonard Joel Auctions
A Crocodile Kelly Handbag
by Hermès
Sold for $45,000

Probably not, along with a whole array of luxury goods that are loved, used, traded, updated, and passed on to new owners. This is the best thing about luxury items. They are chic, stylish, generally well made, and may tell a story through imperfections. When you make a pre-owned purchase, it continues the narrative as you consciously, or unconsciously, stop the waste in the production of disposable fashion goods and contribute to eco-friendliness.  

I have run the Luxury department at Leonard Joel for over ten years and have witnessed the recycling of high-end goods from person to person and generation to generation firsthand. It’s a wonderful thing and I am glad that in this disposable world, a new trend and mindset of informed purchases is emerging. 

As for my purchase, for an ‘old-school’ boy I realized that perhaps some of the new ways of buying can also have their merit. I love my purchase, was mindful of my carbon footprint, and enjoyed my shopping experience, just in a different way.

John D’AGATA / Head of Luxury

Banner Image: John D’Agata’s Hermès Sellier Change Tray

February 2022