Summer Jewels

Think summer days at the beach, relaxing around the pool, parties, festive celebrations… I immediately think of beautiful pearls in all shapes and sizes, coral, and coloured gems like aquamarine, topaz, peridot, amethyst, citrine, and turquoise  with its magical colour reminiscent of the Mediterranean.

Leonard Joel Auctions
18ct gold and coral ring, Italian | $1,500-1,700

Renowned jewellers David Webb and Bulgari have both embraced the mix of colour with a fun and whimsical style in many of their collections.

Whether it be the iconic David Webb Zebra bracelet, multi coloured Bombe rings, or the colorful Allegra collection from Bulgari, bright jewels like these are sure to be a talking point and most certainly feel-good pieces to add to any collection. 

I can’t not mention Tiffany & Co.’s Schlumberger Paillonne bangle bracelets in an array of colours and texture variations, highly collectable and extremely desirable. Worn as a standalone piece or as a stack in various colours, they are much loved and sought after by many of the stylishly chic, including Jackie Kennedy who regularly adorned her wrist with them.

Pearls of any length, whether it be a shorter classic strand, a longer flowing strand, or a layered look mixed with gold and colourful gemstones are sure to add that extra little bit of pizazz and fun, suitable for any occasion, morning, noon, or night.

TROY MCKENZIE / Queensland Representative Specialist 

Banner Image: 18ct gold bracelet | Sold for $8,125

September 2022