Prints & Multiples

Unique to Leonard Joel, these regular auctions dedicated to the Print medium, offer an accessible entry point for the new collector to start their very own art collection and to acquire original pieces by traditional, modern and contemporary artists. Of course, these auctions aren’t only for the new collector…


DORA CHAPMAN (1911-1995)
Teener 1969
screenprint 11/50
28 x 38.5cm
Sold for $680 | September 2018

Artist Dora Chapman and her husband and fellow artist, James Cant were influential figures in Australian art, and instrumental in establishing SORA (Studio of Realist Art) in 1945 in Sydney. Chapman was also a popular and well-respected teacher at the South Australian School of Art in Adelaide.

One of Chapman’s most iconic and vibrant images from her portrait series, this print delighted collectors as it came from the artist’s own estate.


HALL THORPE (1874-1947)
A Country Bunch 1923
colour woodcut
75 x 63cm
Sold for $3,970 | September 2019

The success of this beautiful woodcut by Hall Thorpe demonstrates the ongoing interest in still life subject matter and the method of woodcuts
in today’s market. This was one of the artists best results for his print works, and it was a joy to showcase a beautiful example of the artist’s laborious
15 block printing process.


ERIC THAKE (1904-1982)
Nuns on the Geelong Road 1969
14.5 x 21cm
Sold for $2,730 | June 2018

One of the most iconic and humorous works by the artist, this work set an auction record for becoming the highest result for this particular image in Australia. Collectors were thrilled to have the chance to acquire one of Thake’s most popular works, celebrating the ingenuity of the prolific printmaker.    


DAMIEN HIRST (British, born 1965)
The Souls II (Oriental Gold/ Silver Glass/ Blind Impression)
3 colour foil block on 300gsm arches 88 archival paper 11/15
69 x 49cm
Sold for $4,200 | September 2017

Rarely seen on the Australian market, this work was a memorable feature in our Prints & Multiples auction. The artist’s use of the foil block gave the print a feel similar to actual butterflies in the way that they reflect the light.

JOHN COBURN (1925-2006)
Berrilee 1977
screenprint 30/40
56 x 76cm
Sold for $1,600 | June 2019

A work from the artist’s most iconic and popular period of printmaking, the 1970s, this print was a refreshing change from the often bold and primary colours used by the artist. Influenced by his European travels in the early 70s, this work embodies Coburn’s influences of the period: Matisse, Miró, Mondrian and Picasso.

ANNE ZAHALKA (born 1957)
The Bathers 1989/2008
c-type photograph ed. 9/12
93.5 x 110cm
Sold for $8,680 | June 2019

One of the artists’ most celebrated and iconic images, this work directly refers to Charles Meere’s iconic painting Australian Beach Pattern (1938-40). The artist has used the same composition as the painting but has changed the characters to be more culturally diverse, thus altering the stereotypical view of Australian culture. It was wonderful to see a contemporary female photographer achieve spectacular results at auction.

Hannah Ryan | Fine Art Specialist