New Year, New Wardrobe

As we enter a new year and decade, there has never been a better time to declutter, reorganize, reset. Throughout 2019, Japanese author and professional organizer Marie Kondo spread a mission to ‘spark joy in the world through tidying’.  Her approach is simple – declutter material objects from your life, and reap the benefits of organization, neatness and efficiency at home. An excellent place to start is with one’s wardrobe.

Place everything together by group. That means pulling out every handbag, every pair of sunglasses, every pair of high heels, from every wardrobe in the house. Place them into groups to visually evaluate the volume of what you own.

Maybe this Gucci bag was an impulse buy and it’s just
too small. Perhaps a pair of sunglasses you bought five years ago just aren’t your style anymore. The KonMari method suggests looking at each item one at a time to consider whether it is useful and whether owning it makes you happy.

For items that aren’t used or don’t bring happiness, discard thoughtfully. With our environmental impact under the spotlight, it’s a time to reflect upon the ways we buy, use and discard fashion items. Rather than simply throwing away, consider donating to a charity store or investigate the increasingly popular secondary market for designer fashion and accessory items.

Leonard Joel is now consigning designer pieces for the upcoming specialist April Luxury auction.

Bethany McGougan / Luxury Manager