Mirka Moments

A month on from The Magical Studio of Mirka Mora, we look back on what was one of the most extraordinary auctions ever held at Leonard Joel, and one that we know will remain a favourite with all of us for many years to come. However, for Anna Grassham, curator of the auction, it was particularly special…

‘The opportunity to curate The Magical Studio of Mirka Mora was one of the most special and rewarding experiences for me, professionally and personally. From the very beginning, when I met William Mora at Mirka’s studio in Tanner Street, Richmond I felt an overwhelming sense of spirit and joy. Her vivacious, fun- loving personality and her love of life was everywhere. In the months that followed, I discovered treasures and fragments of a life lived to the fullest. Sadly, I never had the chance to meet Mirka, although I felt her presence as I unpacked the many boxes, drawers and trunks and decided where to place each and every item so that her studio was authentically recreated. There are moments in all of our lives that we know will stay with us forever, and for me, this is one of them. I thank William and the Mora family for trusting me, and allowing me to bring her studio to life. And most of all, I thank Mirka, for making me realise it is perfectly fine to be extravagant, because life is short. So, live it well!’

Anna Grassham
Curator, The Magical Studio of Mirka Mora