Karl Lagerfeld’s death in February sparked an outpouring of praise, celebration and reverence from the fashion world. Acknowledged as one of the most influential designers of the 20th century, Lagerfeld proved his extraordinary creative flair and vision when he took over as Chanel’s Creative Director in 1983. He reimagined Chanel’s signature pieces, such as tweed jackets, pearls, two-tone ballet flats and the ‘little black dress,’ and revitalised a brand that had become predictable and out-dated after Coco Chanel’s death in 1971. Despite introducing leather, denim and colour, Lagerfeld never diluted the brand’s sophistication, maintaining the meticulous and elegant finishes favoured by Coco herself. Lagerfeld was a Renaissance man, and had an avid interest in literature, history and popular culture, which undoubtedly informed his sartorial designs and creative vision. Chanel’s catwalk shows are always a hotly anticipated event – with Lagerfeld fusing high fashion with popular culture, film and music to create lavish and theatrical productions. The Chairman of Italy national fashion association Carlo Capasa justifiably stated that Karl Lagerfeld has ‘inspired generations and, above all, gave us the possibility to dream, with his capability to embrace the present and invent the future’. A number of exquisite pieces by Chanel will be included in our upcoming Luxury Auction on 9 April.

Bethany McGougan / Luxury Manager