Luxury: Spring Carnival

The 2019 Melbourne Spring Carnival is almost underway, bringing with it a flurry of fashion and glamour. Whether you are heading to the elegant Derby Day, Feminine Oaks or prestigious Melbourne Cup, planning an outfit can be a daunting task. Read on to discover how to select winning race day accessories to set you apart from the crowd.


The essential component to any race day ensemble is of course headwear. Whilst traditionally a hat has been the go to, fashionistas have branched out in recent years wearing headbands, turbans, scarfs, fascinators and everything in-between. This sleek hat by Yves Saint Laurent is a perfect combination of edgy and traditional.


Having the perfect bag for racing day is indispensable. This limited edition flap bag by Chanel is not only quirky and fun, but large enough to hold racing essentials – lipstick, phone and importantly, the form guide!


Being comfortable in heels is a must for race day when walking and standing for long periods of time are guaranteed. Any seasoned race goer will tell you to leave the stiletto’s at home! This event is the perfect time to bring out stack heels or wedges.


Statement jewellery is the finishing touch to any race day ensemble. A bold pair of earrings or a fabulous necklace can really set you apart form the crowd. This extravagant example by Chanel is a limited edition piece that is a wearable work of art.


Luxury Manager