Luxury | Pampering our Furry Friends

With 62% of households owning a pet, Australia has one of the highest rates of animal ownership in the world. For those who don’t currently own a pet, 59% say they would like to in the future.

So just how much do we spend on our four-legged friends? In 2017, Australians spent $12.2 billion on pet related services and products. While this includes vet bills, food and insurance, it also accounts for accessories. According to a Commonwealth Bank survey in 2018, spending on luxury pet accessories has been exponential, with a growth of 90% in just two years.

International luxury designers are meeting the demand, creating a range of pet accessories to pamper our furry friends. From collars to carriers, these items are scarce, with particular items only available as special in store orders.

The upcoming Luxury auction on 11 September  will feature two fabulous dog carriers, one by Louis Vuitton and another by Gucci.


July 2019