Fauré Le Page – Armed for Seduction

Whilst on vacation in Paris in 2013, quite by chance I came across one of France’s oldest Luxury houses, Fauré Le Page. I was immediately seduced by what I later would find out was their signature piece, the Fauré Le Page Pochette Cal.

Inspired by a handgun holster, the accessory pays homage to the house’s roots as a firearms manufacturer. Founded in 1717, the house made its mark in French history when it handed out weapons to the revolutionary French forces in 1789 and again in 1830. In 2012, the relaunched three hundred-year-old family owned firm moved to its current quarters at 21 Rue Cambon, Paris, in good company next door to the legendary Chanel boutique at number 31.

Now, back to my purchase. The piece is decorated in the iconic Ecaille ‘scale’ motif; inspired by the scales of a dragon and now the hallmark of all the Fauré Le Page collection. I love this accessory and receive many compliments when sporting in on the weekends with a casual shirt, a pair of jeans and sneakers. My only complaint is that its nifty enough for all of life’s essentials, credit card, house, and car keys, but alas it is too small for a mobile phone. Still, this piece is amongst my favourite designer accessories and true to the Fauré Le Page motto ‘Armé Pour Séduire’, when I wear it I am certainly armed for seduction… or so I think?

JOHN D’AGATA / Luxury Manager