Leonard Joel in Brisbane

We are delighted to announce that Troy McKenzie has been appointed as Leonard Joel’s Representative Specialist for Queensland. Troy is a Queenslander by birth and is a respected and trusted member of the Queensland community. For almost 30 years, Troy has worked as an expert jeweller with the respected Brisbane firm Penfold and Troy’s aim in this new role is to combine his passion for jewellery with his interest in art, antiques and the southern states auction markets. Troy’s enthusiasm for the antiques and arts industries is legendary and now he will be sharing that with Queensland clients that require the services of the Leonard Joel marketplace.

With Troy’s appointment, Leonard Joel provides two valuable selling environments for his community. Firstly, the largest and only integrated jewellery marketplace in Australia with connected offices between Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. As part of the Leonard Joel team, Troy is now able to provide his clients with the biggest and most active jewellery auction marketplace in the country. Secondly, for those clients with valuable single items or collections, Troy will now be providing an advisory service that connects every Leonard Joel specialist with his audience. Distance and unfamiliarity with southern markets has often been a barrier for northern sellers and buyers and it is one of Troy’s aims to break down this barrier and for the first time offer his community a complete, transparent and secure suite of auction services.

As a representative specialist, Troy will be providing the following services:

  • Availability by appointment for an in-home visit or virtual valuation
  • Monthly valuation days in Brisbane where Troy will connect sellers with the entire Leonard Joel specialist team
  • Manage with respected service providers the safe and insured transportation of client property to Leonard Joel salerooms
  • Oversee with his clients the expert marketing and advertising of his client’s property
  • Weekly, monthly and quarterly selling solutions across all categories

Please note that Troy will also be offering an advisory service for clients wishing to buy in Leonard Joel auctions in Melbourne and Sydney.

Troy McKenzie says “Queenslanders that know me know my passion for the jewellery and antique markets; I simply love the human interaction and skills that this industry demands in every transaction and I really look forward to, for the first time really, permanently opening up southern auction markets for my community where they can feel safe in the knowledge that they have a permanently-based local representative. Queensland is a big state but regardless, one way or another, I intend to bring these services to wherever it is required.”

John Albrecht, Leonard Joel’s Managing Director: “The famous Trout auction in 1989 in Queensland that grossed over $7,000,000 confirmed that serious collecting took place in this state, while our own auction of The Barlow Collection in 2013 in Brisbane confirmed for me the appetite for auction offerings. I’m mindful of Queensland clients caution when it comes to dealing with businesses over long distances but I have every confidence that Troy will bridge this concern and finally, bring a complete suite of auction services to this region”.

For enquiries, please contact Troy:

Troy McKenzie | Queensland Representative Specialist | 0412 997 080


Oct. 2020