Invader: Work in Pixels

When we talk of Street Art, we inevitably list graffiti, collage, murals, stencils and lastly, mosaic tiling. All these mediums have several representatives and masters, except for the last one. Invader is the original creator of in situ mosaic tiling as Street Art. Working anonymously, he is, along with Banksy, one of the world’s most renowned urban artists. 

Space Invader LDN-08 1999 at Old Brewer’s Yard, Shelton Street, London

Invader is a French Street Artist who has been working on the Space Invader Project since 1998. This collection is about liberating art from museums and galleries. “Each time I put a new piece in the street, it is like a memorable exhibit”. Invader uses ceramic tiles to bring the pixelations into our physical world. He started installing his characters around the streets of Paris before taking the invasion to a global scale. 

For every work that Invader puts in the street, he also creates one ‘alias’ mosaic. These are to be sold in galleries, being more carefully created, and set into perspex. Each alias is accompanied by an ID card recording the location of the original invasion. For the collector, these artworks are symbolically linked to the work on the street.

Leonard Joel’s March Prints and Multiples auction brings us Alias LDN-08. Originally created on Old Brewers Yard, Shelton Street, London; the date of the invasion was June 1999. The alias was exhibited within Invaders solo show at Lazarides Gallery, London and it has since been brought to Australia in a private collection.

Invader has only just begun to grace the Australian secondary market, making this a highly desired and collectable work of art.

HANNAH RYAN / Prints & Multiples Manager

Top Image Banner:
Alias LDN-08 1999 – 2007
72 ceramic and mirror tiles/resin
21 x 22 x 4cm
$10,000 – 15,000

February 2021