IFAW Appoints John Albrecht to International Board

Leonard Joel is proud to announce that our CEO has been appointed to the International Board of IFAW, the International Fund for Animal Welfare.

John Albrecht & Rebecca Keeble

In 2017, with the support of Rebecca Keeble of IFAW’s Australian office, Leonard Joel developed and adopted an industry-leading policy relating to the cessation of auction trade in elephant ivory and rhinoceros horn. Since then John has been an advocate for both the wider adoption of this policy and industry change.

To date John and the Leonard Joel team, with the critical support of Rebecca Keeble of the IFAW Australian office, have collaborated on numerous events devoted to the cessation of trade in these materials. Here is a brief timeline of what has been achieved:

Developed a world-leading voluntary policy on the cessation in elephant ivory and rhino horn trade

Convened a domestic auction and antiques industry conference on ivory and horn auction trade cessation

Established a regular editorial column devoted to trade cessation efforts and the IFAW mission

Presented the Leonard Joel policy at the Invaluable Global Auction House Summit in Boston

Presented Leonard Joel’s industry leading position at the federal inquiry into the trade in elephant ivory and rhino horn at NSW Parliament House

Delivered an art auction fundraising evening (ART for IFAW) that raised $33,450.

Conservation and activism have become a rediscovered thread of John’s life. He kept animals from a young age, marvelled at his father’s love of and respect for nature and in sixth grade raised $57 for his own street corner “Let Wales[sic] Live” Campaign.

John Albrecht: “My Canadian born teacher of that year, Mr Stanhope, encouraged me to do it and I will always remember him acknowledging my fundraise and how good and proud that made me feel. My goal is to do good things that are of value to the IFAW mission and further develop Australia’s connection with this extraordinary global organisation.”

October 2020