Adopt a “Pet”

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, I, like many others, felt it was an opportune moment to welcome a new member into our family. After thorough research, meticulous planning, and numerous adoption applications, our perfect family addition arrived – Basil, the miniature dachshund. While the joy of pet ownership is undeniable, it comes with its own set of challenges, trials, and of course, expenses. These costs include insurance, food, toys, medical bills, and the inevitable wear and tear on our homes and belongings (with a notable personal example – a pair of Christian Dior shoes).

What if I could offer you the ultimate solution? Envision having a cherished companion that requires neither daily care nor ongoing expenses. Dazzling with the world’s most exquisite gemstones and expertly crafted by the most prestigious jewellery houses, this friend arrives in the form of magnificent jewellery. The query that lingers is where to begin and how to discern which animal is perfect for you.

Jeanne Toussaint by Adolf de Meyer, 1920

Embrace your kindred spirit animal

In 1913, Louis Cartier was captivated by Jeanne Toussaint’s vibrant spirit and exquisite taste. She was lovingly referred to as ‘Petite Panthère’ by Louis, due to her personal attributes that he believed resonated with the elusive feline. In 1933, she made history as the first woman to become the Director of Fine Jewellery at Cartier. Toussaint is the creative genius behind Cartier’s iconic Panthère collection. In 1948, the Duchess of Windsor commissioned the inaugural ‘La Panthère’ jewel. Collaborating with designer Pierre Lemarchand, Toussaint’s team crafted the renowned panther brooch in gold and enamel, adorned with an emerald cabochon. This masterpiece swiftly became one of Cartier’s most legendary designs, marking an iconic chapter in 20th century jewellery history.

Discover a hidden meaning 

In the Victorian era, the snake motif bore a deep symbolic meaning of enduring love. When Prince Albert proposed to Queen Victoria, he offered her an engagement ring adorned with a snake featuring exquisitely set emerald gemstones as its captivating eyes. The butterfly is another iconic jewellery motif, representing transformation, the release of old cycles, and the discovery of one’s true inner self. Mariah Carey famously wore a butterfly ring by Van Cleef & Arpels for over a decade. As a symbol of profound transformation, her 1997 album, also titled “Butterfly,” marked a pivotal moment in her career and represented a newfound sense of liberation as an artist.

Embrace an exotic companion

Allow yourself the extravagant delight of owning a lavishly bejewelled animal beyond your wildest dreams, such as a golden giraffe or a regal lion adorned with bold and colourful gemstones that mirror the rare beauty of these creatures. Capture the essence of the wild in the most luxurious and enchanting way.

Add a touch of magic

Whimsical jewellery is a delightful and imaginative genre that can bring a touch of playfulness and charm. These pieces often feature light-hearted, fanciful designs that evoke a sense of wonder. These adornments encourage self-expression and storytelling, making them popular choices for those who wish to convey their unique personalities and experiences through their jewellery. It’s a reflection of the wearer’s sense of humour and their ability to find joy in the little things. Whether it’s a playful frog brooch or a whimsical carousel-inspired necklace, these pieces often become cherished conversation starters, creating memorable connections and sparking conversations among admirers.

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By Lauren Boustridge, Senior Jewels Specialist, Sydney

Banner Image: Cartier 18ct Gold, Diamond and Gem-set ‘Panthère De Cartier’ Ring | $10,000-15,000

November 2023