A Letter of Thanks

Art To Roam 22nd Report Leonard Joel Auctions

Dear Supported Studios,

In the midst of a global pandemic and with all the challenges your artists and studios faced, I cannot thank you enough for agreeing to support my idea for a global art event. An event with community and conservation in mind and without your artists  and great art, it would not have been possible.

Of the ten studios that participated we sold works to the world from seven of those, and to those studios that we couldn’t find buyers for this time,  I can only promise you that next year we will try just as hard to find buyers for you.

Thank you also for agreeing to donate half the proceeds of each sold work to IFAW’s bold Room to Roam project in Africa, a project of world significance and a vital one. Your generosity will not be forgotten and from all of us at Art to Roam and IFAW we are extremely grateful.

Art To Roam 22nd Report Leonard Joel AuctionsReaching out to you all in different time zones and constructing this event from scratch, in the midst of lockdowns and with all the associated challenges, was as challenging as it was fulfilling and your enthusiasm to participate was inspirational.

Next year our plan is to take what we have learnt from this inaugural auction and come back with an even better event, one that speaks to conservation and community again, and one that I hope your artists will want to be part of.

Because of our collaborative effort and your gracious participation, we raised $53,200 (AUD) from the sale of 28 works to collectors from all corners of the globe and as I write half of that is with IFAW and on its way to Room to Roam. A significant contribution and one your artists and studios can be very proud of.

I look forward to discussing and brainstorming with you in the months to come and I hope in years to come that I will get the chance to thank you and your artists in person.


John Albrecht for Art to Roam, IFAW and Leonard Joel

November 2021