A Dazzling Legacy: The Larry Rawling Collection

We are pleased to present the Larry Rawling Collection in our upcoming Prints & Multiples auction. It is rare to have the opportunity to feature such an important collection of Rawling’s oeuvre, showcasing the best works by some of Australia’s most renowned printmakers.

“One realises that without Larry Rawling, who has single-handedly made all of these works, the history of limited edition screenprinting in Australia would be all the poorer.”
Katherine McDonald, 2006

Starting out at Mal Studios in Melbourne’s CBD as a screen printing technician, there was no doubt that Larry Rawling was in the right place at the right time to work closely with the artists of the 1960s and 70s. The screenprint, a popular method used by artists at the time, was successful in conveying the painting styles of hard-edge abstraction and pop art. More importantly, it opened up new visual possibilities for composite photographic images. Larry Rawling was at the forefront of this medium, and in 1968, he became the owner of Mal Studios Pty Ltd. He transformed it into one of Melbourne’s leading commercial screen printing studios, winning a PICA Trophy Award from the Print Industry Craft Association in 1982.

In 1985, the Larry Rawling Print Workshop was opened, and saw artists choosing to work with Rawling in various ways. Some sent finished items for him to interpret, others wanted text printed for an artist book, and many others chose to work alongside him to fine tune their works in the studio. It’s safe to say that most Australian Art periods over the past four decades are represented in Rawling’s body of work.

Larry Rawling has worked with some of Australia’s leading artists throughout his career. We will be featuring 40 items of The Larry Rawling Collection within our
Prints & Multiples Auction in April, including excellent examples of work by Alun Leach Jones, Charles Blackman, Brook Andrew, Robert Jacks and Brent Harris, just to name a few.

(Special credit to Katherine McDonald and Kalli Rolfe Contemporary Art)

HANNAH RYAN / Prints & Multiples Manager

Larry Rawling printing an image for Brook Andrew, at Larry Rawling workshop, 2005.