5 Minutes with Toby Lennox-Hilton

This issue, we spend 5 minutes with Furniture Manager, Toby Lennox-Hilton, who will sadly be leaving Leonard Joel soon to return to the UK. His calm demeanor and superior styling of the Furniture auction will be missed!

Favourite Artist – Lucian Freud – the last master. I was obsessed from the first time I was shown Reflection (Self-Portrait) by a tutor in college. Shortly after he died, there was a retrospective show at the National Portrait Gallery, London and it was the first time I considered the subject matter of a painting being the paint itself, rather than the sitter.

Favourite Work of Art – This is a harder one to choose but John Martin’s The Great Day of His Wrath is an epic! The hopelessness of it all really puts life into perspective.

Favourite Coffee / Wine? – I Love coffee, and wine, and I will really miss the wine in Australia. I have been particularly enjoying riesling and pinot noir recently. On the contrary, I’ll usually go for a full-bodied, robust coffee.

Ideal Day in Melbourne – Waking up and going for coffee somewhere in the city before grabbing lunch at a little Indonesian place called Salero Kito. After that, a lap of the art galleries in the CBD to check out the latest exhibitions, ending the day with beers and dumplings and then a movie… or more beers!

Favourite Book – I’m a big fan of all things Sci-Fi and 2001: A Space Odyssey is harrowingly poignant. I saw the movie first and then read the book and they’re both equally brilliant