5 Minutes with Maria Rossi

This issue, we spent 5 minutes with Maria Rossi, Graphic Designer.

One of my favourite books is one I have read only recently titled ‘Just Kids’ by Patti Smith.
Such an enjoyable read as she takes you back to New York City from the 60s – 80s and shares her life about love, survival and what it means to be an artist. Her life and connections truly touched me as I couldn’t put the book down, I even cried at the end.

Dorothy Braund would have to be one of my favourite artists as I love the simplicity of her works and her use of form and colour. I am mostly drawn to the beach scenes of people as I have a love of the sea. My favourite work of hers is ‘Three Summer Shapes 1965’, it was actually on the front cover of a fine art catalogue in March 2016.

One of the first pieces of art I bought at LJ is an etching by, funnily enough, my favourite artist Dorothy Braund called ‘The Journey.’ It’s the use of simple lines and geometric shapes that caught my eye.

Being addicted to coffee, I drink a strong almond milk cappuccino every morning without fail. A funny thing about me is that I drink according to the weather. So I love a good red with dinner during the cold winter nights, and then during the spring and summer I switch to drink a rose – but to be honest, I’d happily drink this all year round. I have 2 favourite cocktails, I love a mojito in the summer or if I’m on holiday by the pool. Then an espresso martini would be my go-to the rest of the time.

I love being with my family, so my ideal day would start with an early morning family bike-ride, which we do most weekends along the Altona and Williamstown cycle-paths. We’d then take our dog Boo for a walk and stop at our local cafe Bezirk for coffee and enjoy the beach views of the bay.
I’d then get stuck into a good book for a couple of hours, have a big lunch, then being the four movie buffs that we are, we’d end the day at our local cinema, Sunset Theatre to watch the latest flick.