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Sell your jewellery with Leonard Joel

Established in 1919, Leonard Joel is Australia’s premier auction house; a marketplace for the rare, the beautiful and the extraordinary.

Leonard Joel presents the most credentialed, experienced and expansive auction market coverage for jewellery and wristwatches in Australia, with our network of specialists across Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Leonard Joel’s regular jewellery auctions present diamonds, coloured stones, gold, and pearls as well as antique, modern and contemporary jewellery and rare timepieces.

Our highly experienced team of specialists, who are all certified gemmological and diamond technicians, value and offer over 15,000 pieces at auction every year. Leonard Joel provides confidential, complimentary estimates to determine a piece’s potential value at auction.

If you’re thinking of selling a single piece or collection and are unsure of its value, please submit the form below, and a member of our team will be in touch within 10 business days.

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Expertise across a diverse range of categories
In addition to Jewels, Leonard Joel offers specialist expertise and regular, curated auctions in Fine Art, Decorative Arts, Asian Works of Art, Modern Design, Prints & Multiples, Luxury, Collectables and more. Submit your items for appraisal online here.

Trusted settlement services for more than a century
Clients of Leonard Joel enjoy settlement services with a client trust account and rapid 7 day settlement for eligible collections. Our team is on hand to assist through the entire consignment and sale process, so please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss buying and selling with Leonard Joel.

If you would like to arrange an offsite or written valuation (insurance, superannuation, matrimonial or probate), please see our Valuations Services page for further information or to schedule an appointment.

Auction Highlights

Jewellery Valuation Specialists

Hamish Sharma
Head of Important Jewels, Sydney


Bethany McGougan
Head of Fine Jewels & Timepieces, Melbourne


Patricia Kontos
Senior Jewellery Specialist, Melbourne


Lauren Boustridge
Senior Jewellery Specialist, Sydney


Troy McKenzie
Queensland Representative Specialist



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