Erdos Single-Owner Auction Tops 150% by Value

When Chiara Curcio, our Cabinet Room specialist, received 99 boxes that had been in storage for decades she was undaunted. When she began to reveal their contents she was astonished. Several weeks of painstaking cataloguing, photography and research revealed a vast collection of objects from numerous continents, periods and adventures – 435 lots in total representing thousands of items. Laszlo Erdos was an antiques dealer in the true sense of the word.

114He amassed hundreds of items, both perfect and in need of restoration, that formed the contents of his famous dealership in Sassafras, visited by many a collector and tourist. With a low estimate of $73,000 the auction amassed an impressive $110,000 plus buyer’s premium or 150% by value. Highlights of the auction included some fascinating glass collections.Lot 254, a collection of four glass vases, realised a staggering $2,400 plus buyer’s premium against a modest estimate of $200 – $300. Petit single-owner auctions are a unique format to Leonard Joel and we invite you to consider us for your own collection, great or small.

Chiara Curcio
t: 03 8825 5604