Discerning Women Collectors

The times are changing. The world is now full of female Jewellery collectors who are standing up and purchasing exactly what they want. No longer being dictated to by a husband or partner, today’s independent woman is asserting her authority and particular taste and actually wearing jewellery items that she wants and represents her own individual style. Recently a 6.21ct natural fancy yellow diamond ring was featured in our Melbourne Fine jewellery catalogue. Having viewed the ring at our Sydney viewing, our client, a discerning business woman, flew to Melbourne on the night of the auction made her purchase, as well as picking up another little trinket along the way, then raced to the airport to fly back home.



In January of this year we were asked to sell Sam Frost’s ring of ‘Ex-Bachelor’s’ fame. The breathtaking 3.01ct cushion cut ring was featured on the television show amongst much publicity and was made by one of Australia’s most prestigious jewellers Bunda. The purchaser, who was in the market for an engagement ring, bought it sight unseen and the purchase was made by herself on a phone bid.  Naturally her fiancée was told afterwards that it was bad luck if he didn’t pay for the ring.

The new millennium woman, independent and free is not waiting to be adorned but adorns herself. With four Fine Jewellery auctions in Melbourne and a further four in Sydney every year, as well as our Jewellery and Luxury auction every Thursday, Leonard Joel is the ‘Aladdin’s Cave’ of jewellery.

If you have Jewellery that you would like to have valued and placed to auction, please contact our office.

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