The Auction Salon

Unique to the Australian marketplace, The Auction Salon presents over 1,000 items at auction every week.

This long-running auction features Furniture, Jewellery, Luxury, Art, and Objects & Collectables every week and attracts a broad range of new and loyal vendors and buyers, from interior designers through to seasoned collectors.

The Auction Salon process is rapid, from consignment through to settlement.

Our team accept consignments on Friday and Monday by appointment. Then, photography and cataloguing takes place on Tuesday, viewing on Wednesday and of course, the auction on Thursday.*

* Please note The Auction Salon will continue to take place online-only with no physical auction attendance on Thursdays. For more information please click here. Thank you for your understanding. 

Due to the nature of this auction, we are unable to provide condition reports for any item.

All vendors will receive their funds 7 days after the auction.

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The Auction Salon Specialists

Nick Bastiras
Interiors Salon General Manager

David Price
Furniture Manager

Hannah Sass
Jewellery Manager

Amanda North
Art Salon Manager

Rebecca Stormont
Objects & Collectables Manager

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