A Veritable Single-Owner Catalogue

When Guy Cairnduff, Head of the Specialist Collector, was presented with no less than ten single-owner collections for his June auction he had two choices. Firstly, he could “dice” them according to category and follow the logic of two centuries of cataloguing or perhaps try something a little different. He chose the latter.

118With this catalogue Guy decided to present each collection distinctly and consecutively throughout the catalogue in an effort to bring more context and personality to the collections on offer. From collections brimming with exceptioanlly rare Chinese porcelain through to rooms full of luxurious period and contemporary furnishings, the approach was a hit with serious collectors and passionate decorators alike. Guy Cairnduff: “Discreet and often small volume single-owner collections need not be excluded any longer from the marketing benefits of larger single-owner auctions. Individually, none of these collections warranted their own catalogue but collectively they were more valuable than most single-owner affairs. I loved bringing them together in this way and the result was more than pleasing. With a pre-sale estimate of $782,900 we comfortably exceeded this and sold $913,000 IBP”.

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