Upcoming Auctions

Fine Art 25 June 2024, 6pm, Melbourne

Presenting works by significant Australian and international artists.

The Collection of the late Patricia Begg OAM 17 June 2024, 2pm, Melbourne

Presenting European, English, Japanese, and Chinese porcelain from the 17th - 21st centuries.

Timepieces 24 June 2024, 4pm, Melbourne

A selection of collectable and rare timepieces from the world's greatest makers.

Fine Jewels 24 June 2024, 6pm, Melbourne

Featuring diamonds, coloured stones and pearls as well as antique and modern jewellery.

The Online Collector 26 June, 2pm, Sydney

Presenting Decorative Arts, paintings, and more.

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Centum Contemporary Art Highlight Results View All Results

Sold for $20,000 IBP

DALE FRANK (born 1959), 'The Late 24 Year Old Travis Boyd's Thick and Hairy Belly 4' 2018

Sold for $55,000 IBP

BRETT WHITELEY (1939-1992), 'Nude No. I' 1974

Sold for $11,250 IBP

GREGORY HODGE (born 1982), 'Without Fear II' 2014

Sold for $25,000 IBP (Auction record)

TOM ADAIR (born 1983), 'Electric Bushland Beauty' 2021

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