Living Like The New Joneses

On February 10-13 the awarded, ‘The New Joneses’ eco-cool lifestyle returns to FedSquare, when Ch7 Sunrise’s Edwina Bartholomew lives the ‘new normal’ of an energy efficient, no-waste lifestyle daily, in-front of a national TV audience.  The house will be open to the public Feb 15-16 as part of Sustainable Living Festival. The New Joneses proudly partner with Leonard Joel, who do a brilliant job promoting the style, quality and benefits of second hand and pre-loved luxury goods.


After realizing that sheets and towels in luxury hotels have been used before, The New Joneses decided wherever possible (with the definite exception of undies…) to buy everything they can, second hand.

In-line with ‘new consumption’ (thoughtful, not wasteful) Bartholomew’s clothes, furniture and home wares will all be sourced secondhand, highlighting the benefits of extending the life of existing goods.

In The New Joneses 8 star energy-rated house, (hydraulically lifted onto FedSquare), Bartholomew and the Sunrise audience will experience sustainable living tips, from energy efficiency, the secondhand economy, reducing food waste, buying local from Aussie producers, electric vehicles, living chemical free, composting, maximizing resources, minimizing waste and ‘growing their own’.

Bartholomew will learn to save money by measuring and modifying energy use, eat food sourced direct from the farmer, grow some veggies, practice home composting, keep chickens and a worm farm and on trips where she can’t walk or bike ride, she’ll drive a 100% electric car.

School kids will tour the house daily, gathering fresh eggs (provided by the resident chickens) ‘closing the loop’ by feeding chickens food waste and will learn to up-cycle and repurpose existing goods.

The New Joneses are brought to life by Ecoliv Buildings, Powershop, Farmhouse Direct,, Nissan LEAF, LEDified, Metropolitan Waste Management Group, Earth Choice, Organic Care, Positive Charge, Sustainable Living Festival, City of Melbourne, Vertical Gardens Australia, Leonard Joel,, Sacred Heart Mission, CLEAR Design, Cool Australia, Silo By Joost and Print Together.

This year you can buy all of the items Leonard Joel has provided for these stylish New Joneses.

Thank you this auction is now closed!

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