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22nd Report: Three Years and Real Changes

Category: The 22nd Report

On Thursday 12th September, almost exactly three years since IFAW first made contact with Leonard Joel, we hosted Azzedine Downes, global president and CEO of IFAW for a fund-raising and awareness initiative. The focus of the evening was Leonard Joel’s voluntary policy on the cessation of rhinoceros horn and elephant ivory and the timing of […]

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5 Minutes with Toby Lennox-Hilton

Category: Uncategorized

This issue, we spend 5 minutes with Furniture Manager, Toby Lennox-Hilton, who will sadly be leaving Leonard Joel soon to return to the UK. His calm demeanor and superior styling of the Furniture auction will be missed! Favourite Artist – Lucian Freud – the last master. I was obsessed from the first time I was […]

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Prints & Multiples: Roger Kemp

Category: Prints & Multiples

Roger Kemp’s interests were not in the overriding traditions of figurative and landscape art, nor the prevailing trends in non-objective art of his time, but rather something much deeper and more metaphysical. After completing three years of study at the NGV’s School of Painting in 1935, Roger Kemp remained aloof from the art world for […]

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Luxury: Spring Carnival

Category: Luxury

The 2019 Melbourne Spring Carnival is almost underway, bringing with it a flurry of fashion and glamour. Whether you are heading to the elegant Derby Day, Feminine Oaks or prestigious Melbourne Cup, planning an outfit can be a daunting task. Read on to discover how to select winning race day accessories to set you apart […]

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Women Artists

Category: Fine Art

The turn of the twentieth century was a critical time for women artists in Australia, and by the 1900s, women played an active part in the nation’s major art schools and institutions, often outnumbering their male peers. Ever so slowly, these female artists began to enter major exhibitions, travel to Europe to enhance their studies […]

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A Culinary Stitch Up

Category: Modern Design

An interest in textiles started at an early age for Trevor Smith, when he was taught to sew by his mother Jean, who was a talented craftswoman. He was gifted his first sewing machine at age 15, a tool that allowed him to develop his creative passions in all areas of craft. Trevor spent many years […]

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Arthur Streeton: An Australian Artist Abroad

Category: Fine Art

Following many of his peers, Arthur Streeton left his homeland of Australia, bound for London in 1897. The general consensus was that to be a great artist you must travel abroad, and so Streeton sought inspiration and international exposure from Europe and Britain. “I feel convinced that my work will contain a larger idea & […]

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Tools of the Gemmology Trade

Category: Fine Jewels

How do we know the difference between a diamond and cubic zirconia, or if a blue stone is paste or sapphire and then, if its natural, colour-enhanced, synthetic, treated, or damaged? Gemology involves studying the physical and optical properties that make gems unique. The identification process involves analysing these properties to help us grade stones, […]

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The History of Cutlery

Category: Decorative Arts

Cutlery may seem like the most basic of epicurean utensils, however their current design is relatively new to society and the way we consume food. Spoons were the first invention, leading the way to civilized dining. Dated to as early as 1000 BC in Egypt, spoons were adapted from a variety of scoop-like objects over […]

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The Hyde Collection

Category: Private Collections

A well-known medical professional, the vendor of this extraordinary private collection was also a heritage enthusiast and a passionate collector of antiques, fine art and furniture. He wrote several submissions to the government, urging them to preserve local buildings and this appreciation for history was reflected in his home, a Federation house in Sydney, and […]

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