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Our 2020 Commitment

Category: The 22nd Report

We were once the biggest trader, now the smallest and no negative commercial impact, whatsoever! Our cessation journey and advocacy for the removal of elephant ivory and rhinoceros’ horn from auction circulation is not over yet but in the almost three years since we began to make the connection between our own auction trade and the […]

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5 Minutes With Joe Hammond

Category: Uncategorized

This issue, we spend 5 minutes with Photographer & Videographer, Joe Hammond, who has an innate ability to beautifully bring so many of the human stories that we encounter to life, as seen in our recent My Leonard Joel: The Centenary Series. 1. FAVOURITE ARTIST So many favourites! Sticking to the medium of photography, Richard Mosse […]

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Category: Centum

THE GROWING DEMAND FOR CONTEMPORARY ART There’s an historic perception in the art world that an artist’s real value is only known once they pass on. This ‘ultimate career move’ heralds the end of production, thereby enhancing the value of those works remaining in existence as they become more scarce in the eyes of collectors […]

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Private Collections

Category: Private Collections

Extraordinary Private Collections pass through the salerooms of our Melbourne and Sydney offices or national affiliates every year and as head of this department my privilege is that I learn something or numerous things from every auction. Collections can be diverse in content, challenging operationally or unique in their demands.  I describe this as an […]

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Celebrating the Cycle of Collecting

Category: Centenary

100 years ago, a young auctioneer by the name of Leonard Joel borrowed 8,000 pounds and conceived an auction house that would celebrate collecting and the magic of discovery that comes with it. At its simplest an auction house is not a particularly remarkable enterprise but add the human element and the sheer breadth of […]

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Rage Against the Machine: Arts & Crafts and The Industrial Revolution

Category: Decorative Arts

The late 19th and early 20th century Decorative Arts across Britain, Europe and beyond was a progressive period that saw a flourish of new ideologies, designs and aesthetics in the wake of the industrial revolution. Avant-garde designers and artists of the period reacted against the industrialisation of the Victorian era and culture of mass production. […]

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The Michael Diamond Olympic Gold Medal Sells For $62,000

Category: Collectables

Olympian Michael Diamond’s first Gold Medal from the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games sold for $62,000 at Leonard Joel yesterday, Thursday 5 December with the buyer stating that he is ‘blown away that this important piece of Australian history is mine.’ A six-time Olympian, Michael Constantine Diamond OAM is Australia’s most decorated Trap shooter, having won […]

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Norman Lindsay: The Artist & His Muse

Category: Fine Art

In ancient Greek mythology, a Muse is said to be an inspirational goddess of the arts. When Renaissance resurrected the principles of Antiquity, the depiction of the muses once again returned, often complemented by various props or emblems. Throughout art history, there have been numerous iconic pairings of artist and muse – Emilie Louise Flöge […]

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Design Icons at Leonard Joel

At Leonard Joel, we’re passionate about the old and the new and as we celebrate our centenary, we’re excited to present Design Icons which brings together three of our newest collecting categories – Modern Design, Luxury and Prints & Multiples – in one weekend of viewing. Join us on 9 & 10 November as we celebrate […]

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100 Years of Auction History

Category: Centenary

Looking for a unique Christmas gift? Our centenary book, 100 Years of Auction History, celebrates and documents the evolution of taste, culture and collecting through the eyes of Leonard Joel. The book is available to purchase at our Melbourne and Sydney salerooms, with 100% of proceeds to be donated to the two causes we, as an […]

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