Festive Vibes | The Bromley Edit

Category: The Auction Salon

There is a sense of elation and relief in the air as we approach the festive season and having endured such a trying year I’m sure many of us are just hanging in there. We couldn’t think of a better auction to fit the occasion than one dedicated to the world of David Bromley. The […]

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A Letter of Thanks

Category: The 22nd Report

Dear Supported Studios, In the midst of a global pandemic and with all the challenges your artists and studios faced, I cannot thank you enough for agreeing to support my idea for a global art event. An event with community and conservation in mind and without your artists  and great art, it would not have […]

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In Conversation with with Hamish Munro

Category: In Conversation

This issue, we chat to Hamish Munro, a Melbourne based jeweller, artist, and designer with a clean, balanced, and sculptural aesthetic. Hamish takes us through his space set in a building with a fascinating history, tells us about his favourite auction finds, and shares what he’s working on next – it’s not what you’d expect… […]

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The Hermannsburg School

Category: Adelaide

One of the many privileges of representing an auction house such as Leonard Joel is the diversity of people and objects that one encounters. Every day brings some new and exciting object to light, often with a fascinating owner who would like us to find the next custodian for their treasured object. Sometimes, as fate […]

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Delectable Jewels

Category: Brisbane

Cartier’s ‘Tutti Frutti’ pieces are the perfect blend of French design and Indian royalty. “Tutti Frutti” represents a design concept created by Cartier in 1901, referencing jewellery that features rubies, emeralds, and sapphires, mainly carved stones. The gems were sourced from the treasury of the Indian maharajas in the early 1920s, who approached the French jeweller to […]

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A Contemporary Focus

Category: Prints & Multiples

In 2011, Leonard Joel held their first dedicated Prints and Multiples auction. Intended as a boutique offering, it has rapidly and consistently grown into one of our most popular auctions seeing 8x growth across the last decade.  Contemporary Prints and Multiples are quickly moving to the forefront of every collector’s wishlist.  Del Kathryn Barton dominates […]

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Interiors in Film: Absurdly Modern

Category: Modern Design

This second instalment of ‘Interiors in Film’ focuses on the French director Jacques Tati’s film ‘Mon Oncle’ (My Uncle), filmed and set in 1958 when France and the rest of Europe were regaining prosperity after the second world war. Industries and technologies were booming, paving the way for a new, modern world. ‘Mon Oncle’, with […]

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Piero Fornasetti: Perfection and the Imaginary

Category: Decorative Arts

Hailing from Italy’s design capital, Milan, Piero Fornasetti was a painter, draughtsman, printer, engraver, decorator, and designer. Though he grew up in the period of Liberty and Art Novueau that captivated Europe in the early 20th Century, the essence of his work focused on lines and the imagination, which was in contrast with the romantic, […]

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Buying a Watch at Auction

Category: Fine Jewels

The secondary market for timepieces has gained rapid momentum in recent years. With several departments at international auction houses dedicated to horology and watches, increasingly buyers are choosing to invest in this specialist collecting category along with fine art, jewellery and vintage cars. With an array of truly unique, rare, and collectable timepieces on offer, […]

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Art to Transport us

Category: Fine Art

Living in Melbourne, I have spent the majority of the last 18 months in lockdown in my apartment, reading about art, or at our Leonard Joel South Yarra premises looking at it. With the ability to travel off the cards, my mind was dependent on other sources to satiate my travel desires. Fortunately, there’s been […]

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