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Arthur Streeton: An Australian Artist Abroad

Category: Fine Art

Following many of his peers, Arthur Streeton left his homeland of Australia, bound for London in 1897. The general consensus was that to be a great artist you must travel abroad, and so Streeton sought inspiration and international exposure from Europe and Britain. “I feel convinced that my work will contain a larger idea & […]

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Tools of the Gemmology Trade

Category: Fine Jewels

How do we know the difference between a diamond and cubic zirconia, or if a blue stone is paste or sapphire and then, if its natural, colour-enhanced, synthetic, treated, or damaged? Gemology involves studying the physical and optical properties that make gems unique. The identification process involves analysing these properties to help us grade stones, […]

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The History of Cutlery

Category: Decorative Arts

Cutlery may seem like the most basic of epicurean utensils, however their current design is relatively new to society and the way we consume food. Spoons were the first invention, leading the way to civilized dining. Dated to as early as 1000 BC in Egypt, spoons were adapted from a variety of scoop-like objects over […]

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The Hyde Collection

Category: Private Collections

A well-known medical professional, the vendor of this extraordinary private collection was also a heritage enthusiast and a passionate collector of antiques, fine art and furniture. He wrote several submissions to the government, urging them to preserve local buildings and this appreciation for history was reflected in his home, a Federation house in Sydney, and […]

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My Leonard Joel with Jaci Foti-Lowe

Category: Centenary

In this, Part IV of Centenary Series: My Leonard Joel we visit the home of Jaci Foti-Lowe. Do you consider yourself a collector or do you simply buy what you like when you see it? My mum often says to me “I don’t know how you see in amongst everything; what’s beautiful or what’s special” […]

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The Economy of Beautiful Things & Interesting People

Category: Centenary

Not long after I returned to Leonard Joel, almost exactly a decade ago, I began to describe this exciting marketplace as an economy of beautiful things and interesting people. I am therefore thrilled to advise that, to celebrate our centenary, we have self-published a history of Leonard Joel in words, imagery and stories that we […]

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Melbourne Office Closed for AFL Public Holiday

The Melbourne office will be closed this Friday 27 September for the AFL Public Holiday. We will be back open for business on Monday 30 September. Our Sydney office is trading as normal. Happy long weekend to all Melbournians!

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Spring Preview in Sydney

Leonard Joel Sydney will open its doors for a Spring Preview Exhibition next week, presenting a curated selection of highlights from upcoming auctions and notably, two private collections – A Discerning Collection of Jewellery and The Hyde Collection featuring 18th and 19th century porcelain, clocks, fine furniture and paintings. The Hyde Collection is of outstanding quality and while only a select few […]

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The Duke of Wellington Drum

Category: Leonard Joel Auctions

Played by the famous Dragoon Guards, the oldest surviving Cavalry Regiment of the British Army, during the Peninsula Wars and, allegedly, at the Battle of Waterloo in 1815 to incite soldiers to fight courageously, these types of drums are both rare and highly covetable. Recently consigned for auction at the Sydney office, the drum had allegedly been […]

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5 Minutes with Maria Rossi

Category: Uncategorized

This issue, we spent 5 minutes with Maria Rossi, Graphic Designer. MY FAVOURITE BOOK One of my favourite books is one I have read only recently titled ‘Just Kids’ by Patti Smith. Such an enjoyable read as she takes you back to New York City from the 60s – 80s and shares her life about […]

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