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The Art of Framing

Category: Leonard Joel Auctions

A visit to the Louvre last year provided me with – and this will be no surprise to anyone – a visual overload. Amongst that, I was struck by a double-sided painting housed within the most lavish gilt frame and mounted on a similarly extravagant base. It was Daniele da Volterra’s David and Goliath, and you simply could […]

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The Value of Provenance

Category: Fine Jewels

Derived from the French word provenir, which translates as ‘to come from’, provenance refers to an object or artwork’s point of origin and subsequent journey through time.  Much like other collecting categories, appraising a piece of jewellery is based upon several interconnected factors that contribute to value. Medium, rarity, market trends, condition, and precedence all contribute […]

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Rolex v Tudor: Similar, but Different

Category: Timepieces

If it looks like a Rolex and ticks like a Rolex, how can it be a Tudor? People have been comparing Tudor to Rolex since the very earliest days of the brands’ histories. Factually, the two brands are and always have been intertwined so let’s take a look back at the relationship between the “little […]

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5 Favourites with Yvette Coppersmith

Category: Women Artists

Yvette Coppersmith is a painter specialising in both portraiture and abstraction. In 2018, Yvette won the Archibald Prize awarded by the Art Gallery of NSW for her painting ‘Self Portrait, after George Lambert’ and is one of the ten female artists to have won the prestigious prize in 100 years. Ahead of our Women Artists […]

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Dorothy Braund

Category: Women Artists

A recurring figure in our annual Women Artists auction is Melbourne painter and staunch modernist, Dorothy Braund. Featured in this year’s auction are three oil paintings by Braund which date to the period she was attending classes with George Bell, right at the beginning of her career. An avid traveller, Braund sought inspiration around the […]

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The Legacy of Jim Alexander (1936-2021)

Category: Women Artists

Jim Alexander (1936-2021) exhibited works by some of Australia’s most accomplished female artists and was responsible for reintroducing many of them back into Australian art history. Jim commenced his passion for art at a fairly young age, studying art at high school from, none other than, artist Justin O’Brien. The practicalities of life at the […]

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5 Favourites with Deborah Symond O’Neil

Category: Important Jewels

Ahead of our Important Jewels auction on 22 August, we welcomed Mode Sportif founder and taste maker Deborah Symond O’Neil back to choose her favourite pieces… 1. Asprey Garnet Demi Parure I love the opportunity to have fun with my jewellery and styling, which is why the Asprey floral necklace and matching earring set stands […]

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Orphaned Elephants Closer to Wild Life in Zimbabwe

Category: IFAW

Seven orphaned elephant calves rescued years ago from traumatic circumstances have moved 1,100 kilometres closer to freedom after their translocation across Zimbabwe. Aged between three and 13 years old, the elephants have all been rescued and raised by the team at the IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare)-Wild is Life (WIL) elephant nursery in Harare. […]

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How to Collect Ethical Indigenous Art

Category: Art Expert Series

We speak with Beverly Knight, an art connoisseur and founder of the Alcaston Gallery, who has dedicated her life to promoting Indigenous art and bridging cultural gaps throughout her exhibitions… While ethics and provenance are clearly of key importance, how crucial is it for the collector to understand the story-telling and cultural significance behind each piece? To […]

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A Day in the Life of Troy McKenzie

Category: Brisbane

6.00am. My four-legged buddy is begging for his morning run, not to disappoint him we aim for a 6km run in my local area. It’s a cherished time that I use to gather my thoughts and plan the day ahead. 8.00am. Time to check my inbox and respond to important emails. Then to organise my […]

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