Category: The 22nd Report

To many people I’m sure, Leonard Joel’s association with IFAW, the International Fund for Animal Welfare, is a curious one. Typically, auction houses align with causes that in one way or another relate to the arts (we do that too with our meaningful association with Arts Project Australia) but the IFAW association is unique in […]

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Hermès Haut À Courroies ‘Pour Lui’

Category: Luxury

A true gentleman’s accessory and testament to chic style and masculinity, the Hermès Haut à Courroies is a true ‘must have’ bag for the fashion-conscious male. It was originally created by Émile-Maurice Hermès, who modelled it after the tote bags used by the Argentinian cowboys he saw whilst on a trip to South America. It has been part […]

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A Year of Prints & Multiples

Category: Prints & Multiples

Looking back on 2020, we featured many amazing, diverse, and interesting pieces within the Prints and Multiples auctions. I have selected a handful of my personal favourites to share with you. In April we saw ‘The Larry Rawling Collection’; Larry Rawling being a screen printer to many recognised Australian artists. Alongside this, we featured a […]

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MR BRAINWASH – Banksy’s Over-the-Top Protégé

Category: Sydney

Audacious and unapologetic, Mr Brainwash presents the viewer with a collision of street art and pop art. He liberates the space of ‘high-art’, breaking codes and conventions to create instantly accessible imagery for all. But the results are carefully orchestrated. He appropriates iconic images of two twentieth-century stars, Pablo Picasso and Kate Moss. The juxtaposition […]

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A Closer Look: An Egyptian Mummy Mask

Category: Decorative Arts

As we know from centuries of archaeological findings, Ancient Egyptian funerary rituals were extensive and well planned. Well preserved mummies have given us a clear vision of Egyptian civilization 3000 years ago. Mummy masks and coffins were traditionally made from wood or cartonnage (paint, plaster, linen). The rare example within our upcoming auction is crafted […]

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Spotlight on: Herbert Badham

Category: Fine Art

Apart from a brief exploration with abstraction in the 1950s, Herbert Badham remained first and foremost a realist painter. His subject was the everyday. With influences coming from England, Badham gave great importance to form, tone, and light from an early age. Rather than following the Heidelberg School’s favouritism of pastoral landscapes, Badham and his […]

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The Rothschild Collection

Category: Valuations

Leonard Joel is honoured to be handling the Rothschild Collection in December. Comprising over 700 lots, we will be offering the collection in capsule format across our suite of auctions commencing with Fine Jewels & Timepieces and Fine Art, The Thursday Auctions and finishing with Decorative Arts. Bernard and Rose Rothschild were married for over […]

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Modernity & Misogyny

Category: Modern Design

‘The extension of the art of dwelling is the art of living’ Charlotte Perriand, French Architect and designer  In the unwritten history of male condescension, Charlotte Perriand was snubbed by the famous Le Corbusier in 1927 for hoping to join his design atelier. His dismissive reaction, ‘We don’t embroider cushions here’ to her accredited architectural resume was […]

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Setting Sail: A Short History of Model Ships

Category: Decorative Arts

Model ships are often associated with grand collections from the old world, usually found residing in a gentleman’s library or museum collection, under glass domes. The meticulous craft of ship modelling dates back to ancient times, with the advent of ship building itself, with examples discovered from ancient Greece, Egypt and Phoenicia, as well as 12th […]

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A-Z of Jewellery

Category: Fine Jewels

A – Art Deco Emerging in Paris in the 1920s, the Art Deco movement celebrated modernity and technology. Departing from the flowing forms of the Art Nouveau period, Art Deco jewellery is characterized by geometric symmetry, lines and visual contrast.  Designs were inspired and influenced by Egyptian, Greek and Roman architecture as well as the […]

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