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The Legendary Schulim Krimper

Category: Modern Design

Schulim Krimper immigrated to Australia in 1939, and from his earliest days in Melbourne, a certain mystique always surrounded his name. He went on to establish an empire, and a reputation for superb, custom-made modern furniture throughout the 1950s and 60s. Krimper was Melbourne’s leading innovator and creator of forward-thinking modern designs, with exquisite talent […]

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The Estate of Karen Bidwill

Category: Auctions

Recently, I had the pleasure of valuing The Estate of Karen Bidwill, which is part of our forthcoming Decorative Arts Auction. I knew immediately that this was a rare and distinguished collection and what I found particularly intriguing was its layered history and provenance. Karen Bidwill spent many years living in London and during this […]

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Orthodox Icons: A History

Category: Decorative Arts

The word icon stems from the Greek word Eikona meaning devotional image or figure. Iconography is an integral aspect of Orthodox and Catholic religion and was popularized in Medieval Europe during a time when religion and state ruled together and had much influence over people‚Äôs lives. The purpose of icons was to instruct and influence […]

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