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How to… Support Charities and Nonprofits in the Arts Sector

Category: Arts Project Australia

Sue Roff has decades of experience working within the public art sector working with the Australia Business Arts Foundation, the Public Galleries Association of Victoria, and is currently the outgoing Executive Director of Arts Project Australia (APA). Over her 13 years in this role, she has firmly cemented APA as a leading Victorian arts organisation. […]

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Does Size Meta?

Category: Luxury

The luxury market has shaken the confines of the physical, marking a transformative moment in consumer culture where digital and conceptual goods challenge conventional value.  Today, in an era where consumer interaction with commodities is increasingly digital, re-defining ‘luxury’ can be considered crucial for some brands to survive in a world shaped by technology and […]

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Five Things to Know About Françoise Gilot

Category: Prints & Multiples

Françoise Gilot, acclaimed artist and author, left an undeniable mark on the world of art and culture before passing away earlier this year at the age of 101. While many headlines memorialise her as “Pablo Picasso’s Muse” or “the only woman to leave Picasso”, it is essential to recognise that her life and artistic journey […]

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Arts and Crafts: From the Ideal to the Egalitarian

Category: Private Collections

For its early leading lights, what came to be known as the Arts and Crafts movement was the practical pursuit of political and philosophical beliefs.  William Morris and others of similar socialist bent such as Charles Robert Ashbee were concerned that the increasing industrialisation of work and production witnessed in England through the nineteenth century was […]

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Beyond Priceless: Barbara Hutton’s Jewellery Collection

Category: Important Jewels

In the bustling heart of New York City, 1912 marked the birth of a jewellery legend, Barbara Hutton, forever remembered as the “Million Dollar Baby.” She was the cherished only child of Edna Woolworth and the illustrious granddaughter of Frank W. Woolworth, the iconic retail tycoon. Her life story would unfurl as a captivating narrative […]

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The Face and the Wood

Category: Asian Art

Japan Specialist Trevor Fleming sits down with Kirsten Albrecht, owner of Kozminsky Studio, collector, and author of the new book, Kokeshi Dreaming. What drew you to the world of kokeshi and inspired you to learn more about them?  My fascination with kokeshi in all their various forms began as a six-year-old girl. Wandering into a […]

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Genre Painting: The Furnishings of Daily Life

Category: Fine Art

Genre painting broadly describes an art style that illustrates scenes of everyday life, both high and low. Genre painting emerged throughout Holland in the 17th century, with exponents including Vermeer, and soon expanded throughout Northern Europe, rivalling more classical, biblical, or historical subjects. Genre painting became enormously popular in the Victorian age following the success […]

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1001 Remarkable Objects

Category: Sydney

The decorative arts have always had a tremendous appeal for collectors, and perhaps the greatest collectors of all time have been the big museums that are to be found in every capital city of the world. Many of these public collections had their origins in royal or noble collections. In Australia, the Powerhouse Museum in […]

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The Sydney Opera House ʻDoughnuts’

Category: Sydney

We speak with the Sydney Opera House’s Heritage Manager, Laura Matarese, about the iconic building, the decommissioned acoustic reflectors affectionately known as the ‘doughnuts’, and the Opera House’s upcoming 50th birthday. What is your role and what do you love about it? I’m the Sydney Opera House’s Heritage Manager. In my role I help take care […]

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Slow Furniture: A Return to Mid-Century Craftsmanship

Category: Modern Design

Rebecca Stormont, our Modern Design specialist, chats to Great Dane Founding Director, Anton Assaad. Tell me about what initially sparked your interest in Scandinavian Design? I discovered and fell in love with vintage designer furniture in my late 20s but really struggled at the time to find pieces to buy here in Australia. When I […]

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