Florence Dearling: Landscapes and Figure Studies

Category: The Auction Salon

The Art Salon is honoured to present a collection of works by Australian woman artist Florence Dearling (1895 – 1988), to lead the auction this week on Thursday 10 February 2022. The collection of fourteen artworks features landscapes and figure studies painted in Melbourne using oil paints, the artist’s preferred subject matter and medium. Many […]

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Dutch detection dogs help in the fight against jaguar poachers

Category: The 22nd Report

Jaguars, the largest felines in the Americas, play a crucial role in the ecosystem by maintaining biodiversity and a balance in the food web. Although they are a protected species, the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) has seen increasing incidents of jaguars being poached for their skin, fangs, and other body parts. Trafficked across […]

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In Conversation with Beci Orpin

Category: In Conversation

We chat to beloved Melbourne artist, designer, and illustrator, Beci Orpin, who shows us some of her favourite auction finds and shares what she loves about collecting. Her home feels like an extension of her artwork, with playful shapes and vivid colours… Could you tell us a bit about yourself and your practice? I run […]

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The Influential Designs of William Morris

Category: Adelaide

The enormous increase in wealth enjoyed by South Australia in the second half of the 19th Century, concentrated across a small number of significant families, created a need for interiors and furnishings on a lavish scale. Unlike their established Anglo-Scottish antecedents with fully furnished ancestral homes, these newly prosperous individuals were building large mansions which needed […]

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Aquamarine – The Birthstone for March

Category: Brisbane

Known as ‘the sailor’s gem’ by the ancient Greeks who carried it on voyages to protect from the perils of ocean travel and valued by the Romans who believed that a frog carved from the stone could turn enemies into friends, aquamarine has attracted jewellery designers and collectors for centuries. It is found in a […]

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A View from Above: Roofscapes in Printmaking

Category: Prints & Multiples

Roofscapes and man-made infrastructures are commonly seen in artist’s studies, from the rural outback to the rooftops of the busy city. Here, we take a look at three Australian printmakers who have embraced this setting. Lesbia Thorpe – Terraced Houses, Royal Parade 1956 Thorpe’s prints cover many subjects, however she often returns to landscapes and […]

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Used is the New New!

Category: Luxury

My gift to me this Christmas was a Hermès Sellier change tray. I have longed for one for years and since none were forthcoming, even after a few significant birthdays, I decided to take the plunge and treat myself to this special purchase.  Like a lot of luxury goods today, this item was unfortunately not […]

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Australia’s Architectural Awakening

Category: Modern Design

“Modernism may have had its birth in Europe and its glamour in America but I think it found its egalitarian purpose, unrivalled anywhere else in the world, in Australia’s suburbs.” Tim Ross, Australian comedian, radio host, design enthusiast and television presenter.   Australia’s mid-century architecture started evolving rapidly around the late 1940s, a time when […]

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Discovered Royal and Noble Porcelain

Category: Decorative Arts

A most exciting Melbourne discovery for the new year is a pair of rare royal porcelain plates first commissioned to the order of King George III in 1805. They were manufactured by the acclaimed Worcester porcelain factory during the Barr, Flight & Barr partnership, operating 1804-1813, and replacements were also later ordered. During this period, […]

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The Masterful Art of Diamond Cutting

Category: Fine Jewels

Much like an expert sculptor, diamond cutters are skilled artisans capable of transforming a natural rough stone into a polished treasure. The process of cutting a diamond is highly technical. A great deal of analysis is needed to ensure that the light, weight, and colour of the stone is retained and that the symmetry and […]

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