The critical role of law enforcement at preventing future pandemics

Category: The 22nd Report

Many of you will already be aware from previous articles, that Leonard Joel and IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare) formed an unlikely friendship, which has already driven critical momentum for change within the environmental sector.  The following is taken from part of the testimony provided by Dr. Jimmiel Mandima, Deputy Director of Conservation at […]

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Category: Valuations

Leonard Joel is the only auction house in Australia with a dedicated Valuations department, enabling us to offer a broad range of specialist expertise for the valuation and auction of single items and entire collections. Like so much of Leonard Joel’s activity, our monthly valuation evenings have had to adapt during these times of change, […]

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5 Minutes with Dominic Kavanagh

In this issue, we spend five minutes with Dominic Kavanagh, a specialist in our lively Decorative Arts department.   FAVOURITE MAKER / ARTIST Diamanda Galás- An utterly inimitable artist, virtuosic, and awe-inspiring. FAVOURITE WORK OF ART / OBJECT SternenFall/ Shevirath Ha Kelim, by Anselm Kiefer, 2007. (Free standing assembly. Iron, lead, glass and cardboard.) I encountered […]

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Why is Hermès so expensive?

Category: Luxury

In my opinion, Hermès is not expensive, it is costly. The main reason why Hermès products are so pricy is that most, if not all, of their products are handmade. This luxury house prides itself on its exclusive products and in turn the process of manufacturing these goods has always been considered an art form. […]

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The World Turned Inside Out

Category: Modern Design

Modernism was a philosophical movement of the late 19th and early 20th centuries that was based on an underlying belief in the progress of society and moving forward. Rejecting the traditional neoclassical architecture and Beaux-Arts styles that dominated the 19th Century, Modernism pushed forward with new construction methods heavily involving glass, steel, and reinforced concrete. […]

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Leonard Joel’s Head of Decorative Arts Takes Us Into The Green

Category: Decorative Arts

    With the current travel restrictions, I have become nostalgic reflecting over my former travels and adventures overseas. The place that comes front of mind the most is Dresden, one of the porcelain capitals of Germany, which is also the birthplace of The Grunes Gewolbe (Green Vault) Museum. Although the name leaves little to […]

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Choosing The Right Wristwatch

Category: Fine Jewels

While wristwatches are a common accessory today, a century ago it was a different story. Wristwatches were really an advent as a consequence of the first world war. Previously, they were generally only worn by ladies, with gentlemen favouring pocket watches. When the war broke out, mid-size pocket watches were converted with the addition of […]

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Ruby: The King of Gemstones

Category: Fine Jewels

Rubies, with their vibrant hues of purplish red, have adorned royal treasures for millennia and remain highly desirable to the present day. In this piece, we explore their history and what sets them apart. SOURCES Burmese rubies have set the standard in quality for centuries; Burmese stones have always been scarce. In recent decades, various […]

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The Persistence of Memory

Category: Fine Art

In 1968, Arthur Boyd and his family returned to Australia after living in England for nine years. His time abroad had brought him numerous accolades with major retrospectives held in London and Australia. His achievements were momentous for a mid-career artist at just 48 years of age. Now back in Australia, he returned to depicting […]

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Expressions in Bronze: The Work of Alfred Gilbert

Category: Private Collections

Alfred Gilbert was the leading exponent of the New Sculpture movement in British art, which was coined by critic Edmund Gosse in an 1876 article in Art Journal. Gilbert looked to the idealism and athletic beauty of ancient Greek and Roman figurative sculpture and infused it with a physical and psychological expression. He was responsible […]

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