IFAW’s continued work to rescue and protect animals around the world  

Category: The 22nd Report

Despite the unprecedented obstacles the COVID-19 pandemic has presented, the International Fund for Animal Welfare’s work never stopped. IFAW teams around the world adapted to a new way of working to best help animals and support our local communities as they overcame COVID-19 hardships. Through it all came incredible stories of triumph and perseverance. IFAW’s Disaster Response team deployed to the hardest hit areas […]

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5 Minutes with Troy McKenzie

Category: Valuations

In this interview, we chat to Troy McKenzie, our Queensland Representative Specialist. Troy has a background in jewels, and shares some of his personal favourite designers as well as giving us a glimpse of life in sunny Brisbane. 1. FAVOURITE MAKER / ARTIST It is hard to choose only one – I am a lover […]

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Invader: Work in Pixels

Category: Prints & Multiples

When we talk of Street Art, we inevitably list graffiti, collage, murals, stencils and lastly, mosaic tiling. All these mediums have several representatives and masters, except for the last one. Invader is the original creator of in situ mosaic tiling as Street Art. Working anonymously, he is, along with Banksy, one of the world’s most […]

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Five Reasons To Love Designer Bags

Category: Luxury

As Leonard Joel’s Head of Luxury, John D’Agata sees his fair share of beautiful luxury handbags. Here, he shares five reasons to love them.  1. A Personal Tool-Kit Don’t leave home without it! Everything that you need must be at your fingertips. Looking for that credit card for that ‘must have’ purchase? Need a freshen […]

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Shadows of Gray

Category: Modern Design

 “I was not a pusher, and maybe that’s the reason I did not get to the place I should have had.” Eileen Gray As Le Corbusier’s heart failed him and he was lost beneath the waves of the French Riviera, he found himself – for one last time – in the shadow of Eileen Gray’s […]

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A Specialist’s Insight

Category: Asian Art

Chiara Curcio, Leonard Joel’s Head of Decorative Arts, sits down with Asian Art Specialist Carl Wantrup to explore the world of collecting, appreciating, and understanding Asian antiques and works of art. Where did your passion for Asian antiques and design begin? My grandfather was a collector of old European paintings and decorative arts, but also […]

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Facing the Unknown: The Modern Female Portrait

Category: Fine Art

Throughout shifting cultures, societies, and tastes, portraiture has remained one of the most popular, prosperous, and personal choices of artistic subject matter. Britain’s obsession with portraiture infiltrated Australian art from its colonisation in the 1780s. Our first artist professionally trained as a portrait painter was Richard Read Senior, who arrived in Sydney as a convict […]

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Colour: How we see diamonds and gemstones

Category: Important Jewels

Colour surrounds us in the natural world, and while we often take it for granted, it has more influence on us than we may imagine. Some behavioural scientists contended that colour has an impact on our moods. Marketers frequently leverage colour to sway our buying behaviour. Stylists use colour to assert attitude. Ancient civilisations allocated […]

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A Gentleman’s Collection: The Estate of Rodney Permezel

Category: Private Collections

For many regular Leonard Joel clientele, Wednesday viewing days are an unmissable ritual that forms part of their weekly routine, serving as both a shopping exercise and a social event. This was true for long-time patron, Rodney Permezel. Every Wednesday, he would be seen visiting all departments, effortlessly engaging in lengthy discussions on antiques or […]

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The Economy of Beautiful Things and Interesting People

Category: Important Collections

The economy of beautiful things and interesting people, as I like to personally describe Leonard Joel, is, with 2020 behind us, a very different auction house that looks to the future with a commitment to improving our digital and physical customer experiences. Having pushed through all the challenges – both frightening and fascinating – of […]

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