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A Star Sapphire

Star Sapphires are a rare variety of sapphire that exhibit a magical star phenomenon known as asterism – the appearance of a pattern or group of stars – under lighting. The six-rayed star is most visible when the stone is tilted and rotated, and will appear to move across the rounded surface of a cabochon […]

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Valuations in Hobart

Category: Valuations

Leonard Joel is the only auction house in Australia with a dedicated Valuations department, enabling us to offer a broad range of specialist expertise and valuations across numerous categories. Complimentary verbal valuations are available in our Melbourne and Sydney salerooms by appointment.  We also host complimentary Valuation Evenings* in Melbourne on the first Wednesday of every […]

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We’re Hiring

Category: Auctions

Ever wondered what it’s like to work in an auction house? Now is your chance to find out…! We are currently seeking an Objects & Collectables Manager and an Objects & Collectables Assistant to join our busy Thursday Auction team. Be quick, as we expect this role to be filled very soon!

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Newlyn Antiques: An Autumn Country Auction

Category: Decorative Arts

Newlyn Antiques and Cottage Garden Nursery has been an integral part of the Daylesford community for over 23 years, attracting visitors from all over Victoria. John and Faye Hungerford established the store in one of the village’s historical buildings in 1996, and have since enjoyed indulging their passion; sourcing and selling pieces to both the […]

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Celebrating Design at Leonard Joel

Category: Luxury

We’re huge fans of design – traditional, modern and contemporary – at Leonard Joel, and this weekend we’re celebrating legends of design at the viewings of Modern Design, Luxury and Prints & Multiples. Boasting an impressive collection of Schulim Krimper, Modern Design celebrates his stunning mid-century furniture and his lasting influence on modern design. Luxury […]

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More Than Just Tea

Category: Asian Art

Tea is more than just tea. This is certainly so in China and Japan. And perhaps, it could even be said, in England too! Legend has it that the mythical Chinese Emperor, Shennong, had a servant boil a pot of water for him, and into that pot, unbeknownst to either, a leaf of the camellia […]

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The Property of a Gentlemen

Category: Auctions

This collection, which was acquired over 50 years, offers a fascinating insight into the world of British pottery and features fine examples of Royal Doulton, Royal Worcester, Moorcroft, Martin Brothers, Bernard Moore, Wedgwood and Minton. Ceramics & Perfume Ceramic and Perfume production can both be traced back to the ancient world. And, much like the […]

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The Edward Clark Collection

Category: Private Collections

Edward Clark is a veteran of the Melbourne antiques trade and in over fifty years, he has had nine antique shops in Melbourne and three in the countryside. Edward’s life of collecting began as a schoolboy; his parents were avid collectors, but he also confesses that living near the old Toorak tip, which he visited […]

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The Art of Adornment

Category: Fine Jewels

Humans have adorned their bodies since the beginning of time, making jewellery one of the most ancient forms of decorative arts. Dating as far back as the paleolithic period (c.25,000-18,000BC) and using materials such as shells, feathers, bone and teeth, jewellery has been used to embellish, enhance or distinguish the wearer. Often symbolic, jewellery has […]

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Fine Art | Australian Moderns

Category: Fine Art

Reflecting on the last twelve months, many of our most defining auction moments have centred on the Australian moderns. These artists have led the charge in both sale results and industry discussion which looks to continue throughout 2019. In our Fine Art auction, in June 2018, we were fortunate enough to present three important Australian […]

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