Welcoming Wiebke Brix, Head of Art

Category: Fine Art

It is with great pleasure that we announce the appointment of Dr. Wiebke Brix as the new Head of Art at Leonard Joel. Wiebke brings a wealth of experience, passion for art and expertise to the role, and will be a valuable addition to our team. Wiebke holds a PhD in Fine Art and has […]

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Luke Guan, Asian Art Specialist, joins forces with Leonard Joel

Category: Asian Art

Leonard Joel is honoured to announce a new and expanded Asian Art department with the appointment of Luke Guan as Head of Asian Art at Leonard Joel. Luke is acknowledged as a leading expert in his field with a passion for Chinese ceramics and works of art, Buddhist arts, Himalayan arts, Chinese paintings, and Japanese […]

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1,800 Kilograms of Ivory Destroyed in France

Category: The 22nd Report

The International Fund for Animal Welfare (ifaw) and French Office for Biodiversity (OFB) organised a large-scale ivory destruction to stem the trade and raise awareness of the trafficking responsible for the deaths of thousands of elephants every year. In 2015, IFAW launched the ‘I’m surrendering my ivory’ campaign in France to encourage people to hand […]

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How to Navigate the International Art Scene, with Mark Hughes

Category: Art Expert Series

With more than three decades of experience in the art world including over ten years in New York, Mark Hughes has an extensive knowledge of local and international contemporary and modern art. Regularly traveling abroad to visit art fairs, exhibitions, and events, Mark’s knowledge of the international art scene is intertwined with his contributions to […]

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Visiting the John Nixon and Brent Harris Exhibitions

Category: Prints & Multiples

With an impressive roster of exhibitions over the summer, from the extraordinary survey of Emily Kam Kngwarray at the National Gallery of Australia to Know My Name: Australian Women Artists at the Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery, we have been spoilt for choice. Alongside these exhibitions, two other standouts are John Nixon – Four Decades, Five […]

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The Art Market: The New Kid on the Block[chain]

Category: Fine Art

Whether it impacts the way art is made, displayed or sold, technology is changing the game in the art world. One example of particular interest is the implementation of blockchain into the art market and how key industry players are adapting. Buyers are typically faced with two major questions when purchasing art: is it real […]

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Tough Stuff: Miuccia x Nylon

Category: Luxury

“[Nylon] challenged, even changed, the traditional and conservative idea of luxury. I am still obsessed with it.” – Miuccia Prada Before 1984, when one considered nylon, images of parachutes and camping equipment likely came to mind. However, today, the association with nylon has undergone a profound transformation. Armed with a PHD in political science, the […]

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Spotlight on: Afra & Tobia Scarpa

Category: Modern Design

Afra & Tobia Scarpa were influential Italian architects and designers who made significant contributions to the fields. Born in 1937 and 1935 respectively, Afra and Tobia met while studying at the Venice University Institute of Architecture. They later married and formed a dynamic partnership that spanned several decades. Early in his career, Tobia, son of […]

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New Porcelain Techniques Revealed at Great Exhibitions (1851-1937)

Category: Decorative Arts

From the mid-19th century until the first half of the 20th century, many international fairs were held in England, America, Australia, and Europe, leading to the first ever worldwide fair of its kind; the Great Exhibition. The Great Exhibition opened in london at Joseph Paxton’s Crystal Palace in 1851 with 14,000 exhibits, and had a […]

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All Aboard! The Intersection Between the Great American Railroad and Horology

Category: Timepieces

Tragedy can be a harsh but important teacher. In Ohio, in 1891 the loss of nine lives from the Kipton trainwreck was down to a conductor’s watch being out by just four minutes. In the rail accident’s investigation in the weeks that followed, many important lessons would be learned.  It was the late nineteenth century […]

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