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Five Years On: The UK Ivory Act 2018

Category: The 22nd Report

The passing of the UK ivory act 2018 was both momentous and important. Momentous because finally a significant nation state was taking a comprehensive legislative interest in the topic of ivory trade cessation and important because it has added great weight to the global conversation and drive to eliminate the trading markets that inspire the […]

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How to… Write About Art, with Louise Martin-Chew

Category: Art Expert Series

Based in Brisbane, Louise Martin-Chew has been writing about art for over 25 years, producing written works for commercial and regional galleries. Louise also writes regularly for national art magazines, catalogues, books, and newspapers. Her biography Fiona Foley Provocateur: An Art Life (2021) won Best Book (joint prize) in the AWAPA awards from the Art Association […]

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The Art of Dressing Down

Category: Luxury

Sneakers, sweatpants, hoodies, oh my! Yes, Christian Dior would probably turn in his grave if he came across some of the trends being sported by fashion icons today.  From post war cultural shifts to the covid pandemic, we have seen an evolution of big brands embracing “athleisure”. This year alone, we have encountered men’s suit […]

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Beyond Geneva: A Horological World Tour

Category: Timepieces

It is almost a given that when a mechanical timepiece bears the words “Swiss Made”, it will carry with it superlative craftsmanship, design, and prestige, and for some, it’s either Swiss made or nothing. With few exceptions, the world’s most coveted and revered watch brands hail from centers throughout Switzerland, Geneva being home to the […]

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When is Appropriation Appropriate?

Category: Sydney

Copy, replica, imitation, reproduction; whichever term you use, the practice of replicating work by another artist has been consistently utilised throughout centuries of art history. Going back to the romans who made masterful copies of Greek sculptures, the exercise of replicating artworks continued throughout the Renaissance period as an educational tool and into the 17th and […]

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Colori dell’Italia

Category: Fine Jewels

On a trip to Italy earlier this year, I was mesmerised by the vibrant palette of the landscape and towns of the Amalfi coast. The contrasting hues of the steep mountain cliffs, azure blue waters, lush forests, and colourful towns are both unique and spectacular. Vibrant colour seems to have touched every aspect of Italian […]

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Philip Gore’s Tips for Antique Clock Maintenance

Category: Decorative Arts

In today’s modern world, as we continue to move aspects of our lives from the analogue over to the digital, there exists also a sentimental desire to return to simpler origins. There are some commodities that remain treasured in their analogue formats, a primary example being clocks and timepieces.  While functionality plays a large part […]

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Strange Objects: Surrealism in Design

Category: Modern Design

Surrealism, a highly influential 20th century art movement, drew inspiration from the political theories of Karl Marx and Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalysis. The term Surrealism was first coined in 1917 by the art critic and poet Guillaume Apollinaire, and in 1924 it was used by the writer and theorist André Breton to describe a politically radical […]

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A Christmas Card in Every Home

Category: Prints & Multiples

Receiving a Christmas card in the mail is a novel concept in our modern world. For those of us who do receive one, we would likely keep it, sit it on a shelf for the festive period, and then eventually it would find its way into a recycling bin. When Melbourne artist Eric Thake created […]

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Kenneth Tyler and the Course of Printmaking in Australia

Category: Prints & Multiples

The technical nature of printmaking often necessitates collaboration and teamwork to successfully execute a print. The legacy of Kenneth Tyler’s printmaking workshops stands as a testament to the transformative power of artistic collaboration. Spanning four decades, the workshops fostered an experimental atmosphere for artists to explore new techniques and publish the highest quality prints. A […]

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