Leonard Joel

What is an Absentee Bid?

An absentee bid is placed when you are unable to attend a given auction but would like to bid on a certain item.  Submit a confidential bid at least 60 minutes prior to the auction, stating the maximum you would like to bid on this item, and the auctioneer will bid on your behalf and obtain the item at the lowest price possible within your bidding limit.

You can submit an absentee bid via the website (at the lot level), by fax, over the phone or in person. Leonard Joel guarantees to execute absentee bids for the lowest possible price*. We do not start the bidding at your absentee bid unless there is another bid immediately below yours.

*Please note that bids left on “no reserve” lots or lots where the reserve is below the low estimate will, in the absence of a higher bid, be executed at the low estimate.

Any other questions? Please email or call us at 03 9826 4333 or 02 9362 9045.